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Catering for events and functions in the UK is changing. People are expecting more value and more quality when they put on a bit of event for friends, family or colleagues these days, and about time too. We think the days of putting up with dismal and dull party food are coming to an end. That is why we are pleased to be playing our part in making sure hog roast is fast becoming one of the most sought after party and event foods there is by providing hog roast hire services across the UK.

Hog Roast Nantwich Hog Roast Neston Hog Roast Newmarket Hog Roast Newnham Hog Roast Newport Hog Roast Norfolk Hog Roast Northamptonshire
Hog Roast Northumberland Hog Roast Northwich Hog Roast North Yorkshire Hog Roast Norwich Hog Roast Nottinghamshire Hog Roast Orpington Hog Roast Oxfordshire
Hog Roast Padiham Hog Roast Peel Hog Roast Perth Hog Roast Peterborough Hog Roast Petersfield Hog Roast Plymouth Hog Roast Pontefract
Hog Roast Portsmouth Hog Roast Potters Bar Hog Roast Purley Hog Roast Radstock Hog Roast Ramsey Hog Roast Redbourn Hog Roast Redhill
Hog Roast Reigate Hog Roast Ribchester Hog Roast Rickmansworth Hog Roast Ringwood Hog Roast Rugby Hog Roast Ruthin Hog Roast Saffron Walden
Hog Roast Salisbury Hog Roast Sandhurst Hog Roast Scarborough Hog Roast Scone Hog Roast Sevenoaks Hog Roast Shepton Mallet Hog Roast Shipley
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Hog Roast St Neots Hog Roast Stockbridge Hog Roast Stoke on Trent Hog Roast Stowmarket Hog Roast Stratford Upon Avon Hog Roast Stroud
Hog Roast Sudbury Hog Roast Suffolk Hog Roast Sunningdale Hog Roast Sunninghill Hog Roast Surrey Hog Roast Swallowfield
Hog Roast Swansea Hog Roast Swindon Hog Roast Tadcaster Hog Roast Taunton Hog Roast Tetbury Hog Roast Tewkesbury
Hog Roast Thames Ditton Hog Roast Thirsk Hog Roast Todmorden Hog Roast Tonbridge Hog Roast Truro Hog Roast Twickenham
Hog Roast Tyne And Wear Hog Roast Uxbridge Hog Roast Virginia Water Hog Roast Wakefield Hog Roast Wales Hog Roast Walton on Thames
Hog Roast Wantage Hog Roast Warlingham Hog Roast Warwickshire Hog Roast Waterlooville Hog Roast Watford Hog Roast Welshpool
Hog Roast West Drayton Hog Roast West Molesey Hog Roast Weston Hog Roast Weston Super Mare Hog Roast Sussex Hog Roast West Yorkshire
Hog Roast Wetherby Hog Roast Weybridge Hog Roast Whalley Hog Roast West Wiltshire Hog Roast Winchester Hog Roast Windlesham
Hog Roast Winkfield Hog Roast Wirral Hog Roast Wisbech Hog Roast Witney Hog Roast Waterford Hog Roast Wolverhampton
Hog Roast Woodbridge Hog Roast Worcester Hog Roast Worthing Hog Roast Wrexham Hog Roast Wymondham Hog Roast York

Hog Roast Catering Across the UK

From Aberdeen to Morecambe and from Nantwich to York

We spend a lot of our time giving people a bit of a history lesson about hog roast and take great delight in reminding them that great food does not come much more traditional than hog roast. In fact, our hog roast services really are just a modern take on a great culinary tradition that has been going on since Medieval times. We always explain that hog roast really is the original special event food, ideal for a great crowd who demand super quality meat. Hog roast met this need centuries ago by keeping some of the country’s most important and regal well fed. The only difference now is that we can provide our hog roast services in all towns, villages and city in the UK and that our customers don’t have to be just the wealthy!

Hog roast has changed in a few other ways, and all for the better. The hog roast hire services that we provide utilise the very latest in hog roast cooking technology. Okay, so the principles of cooking a hog roast remain the same but the equipment has moved on, making the process a lot more effective and creating a lot less hassle. After all, not many venues that we attend (and we do visit many throughout the UK) are able to provide a huge open hearth with a roaring fire and room for a whole pig. The hog roast machine allows me to carefully control every single aspect of the hog roast cooking process whilst providing a rather impressive ‘stage set’ for the whole hog to appear on.

The hog roast machine, which forms a fundamental part of our hog roast hire services, allows me to create a bit of a stage show for the guests. This is something that you should remember when considering a hog roast, as the visual aspect of the whole hog roast process is quite an exciting and appealing one. Many people, especially the younger guests, have never seen cooking undertaken in this manner before, so the novelty value for them is really something. But it also holds great appeal for the older guests as well. Hog roast may even take some people back to days of camping – though we can assure you that the hog roast hire services we provide are a far cry from that.

Sometimes we think we have the best job in the world as a hog roast caterer. The slowly roasting hog roast generates incredible aromas and this is one of our favourite aspects of our work, that and seeing the looks on people’s faces as they enter the venue or see the hog roast machine for the first time. In fact I’ve noticed that hog roast really does put a smile on faces. It’s a bit like a new years eve party every time we provide our hog roast hire services (and we have done some new year’s eve parties).

Our hog roast hire services are mobile so wherever your function is lined up for, it is not a problem for me to provide you with hog roast there. We provide hog across throughout the UK so no location is ever going to come as a surprise to me. We can also set up the hog roast equipment pretty much anywhere you require it too. Many of the events we provide hog roast for are in specialist venues in hotels or conference halls but we do get to do some outdoor events, too. Hog roast at marquee events are becoming quite popular as are fetes and summer fairs. A lot of businesses finish early on a Friday these days and we have provided quite a few Friday hog roasts for some of the bigger companies.

Talking of business events, we cater for lots of quite important business functions and we find that hog roast is particularly well received by everyone concerned at these events. We think it must be something to do with the actual hog roasting process itself as it is quite impressive and we feel this appeals to the business savvy types who are always looking to make an impression. This sort of events are quite special because you can see that a lot is riding on these meetings. We are pleased that our hog roast hire services seem to be helping keep the wheels of business turning for our clients. Hog roast must work as we have undertaken repeat business for a number of our business event clients.

Our hog roast hire services really do seem to suit almost any occasion you care to think of. We have already mentioned that hog roast is a great for marquee events and business functions but it really is a great option for so many other occasions, and it is something that you should always keep in mind whenever you have an event lined up. Hog roast may not seem like an obvious choice for a wedding reception but we have provided hog roast at many wonderful weddings. As with the business events, we serve the hog roast in a more formal manner so it works brilliantly as a classic gourmet meal. But we are also happy providing hog roast hire services for the more informal occasion, too. Birthdays, christenings, garden parties – they have all seen me providing hog roast and all concerned had a great time. Whatever part of the UK you are based in, we can provide great tasting hog roast for your occasion.