Christmas Party Catering by Chef & Griddle

Over our many years within the glorious world of the tailored hog and spit roast catered event, we have always placed a huge deal of emphasis on great quality within our products. Loving the fun and engagement with all of our clients at all the christmas party catering events which we are lucky enough to attend, we always ensure that our customers experience a dining experience which is absolutely memorable. At Christmas time, we believe that everyone should enjoy the occasion to the full. This concept is one which is unfortunately not shared by the majority of caterers within the country, which is not only saddening for those who love and appreciate great food, but is also disappointing for a great number of Britons who miss out on culinary greatness during the glorious festive period.

The joy of the Christmas period has been celebrated for many hundreds of years now, and it is a time of year which we here at Hog Roast Caterer always love and appreciate to the full. Due to our beginnings in the business of the hog and spit roast catered world, we have spend much time every year ensuring that our festive celebrations are perfect. This is due to the fact that we all work very hard throughout the year, therefore we love to make our quality Christmas time an exactingly perfect experience.

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Since the birth of Christ, his word has continued in its spread and distribution across the world, and thus into the minds of many people who cohabit the planet with each other. With the rise in the spread of Christianity, the modern manifestation of the current Christ related situation is that many people celebrate Christmas indeed. Seen by many not to reflect the true meaning of Christmas, our capitalist driven society enjoys bestowing lavish gifts upon each other during the festive period. Where some people offer gifts of extreme magnitude and of a nature reflecting a huge financial contribution, some also believe that it is the thought that counts as regards the gift; that expense need not denote the capacity to which the purchaser loves the recipient. Accepted and known to be a time partially symbolized through the notion of ‘giving,’ the festive period is loved by many and quite rightly so.

Beyond the quagmire of the argument which always exists in terms of whether we ought to be celebrating the birth of Christ instead of the joy of gifts, it is the case that Christmas time is also very much related to the notion of spending a good deal of quality time together. Supplemented as well as being complimented by the mutual giving and receiving of gifts, this time allows families and friends to come together, appreciate each others company and reflect on the year that has passed. Where crackers can be pulled and laughter made and enjoyed, the festive period is a time when everyone can appreciate the goodwill of others, and in turn distribute some good will of their own.

Although our earliest forays into the bespoke hog Xmas party catering service began very much in the remit of the summer party and sunlit function, the Christmas and festive parties of the folk of Britain has been an arena which we have been involved in for many, many years now. Where many people love to cook for their own families and friends during this lovely time of year, we have found that many people simply have so much work to do during this period that having the ability to turn to a bespoke and focused caterer is more than a means of finding relief; it gives them the ability to enjoy Christmas themselves, a feeling which has made many of our most established customers feel truly liberated indeed. In truth, all of our catering customers at this time of year have enjoyed the services we bring, as we are so much more than just a catering company. Founded on the principles which include the steadfast approach to beautifully fresh ingredients as well as the sole use of the most effective and highly qualified staff, our catering firm have been the gracious caterers of some of the most high profile events in the United Kingdom. Having the unique ability to underline the wonderfully British notion of being ‘understated,’ our catering services which always include glorious and tantalizing food, can be either dress down or dressed up, depending on how you wish it to be done. For informality during summer time, our hog in a roll with apple sauce and crackling constitutes the finest companion for beer and good times. Alternatively, our top-end menus and service options include super-slick service as well as delightfully complex menus which are the brain-children of our most accomplished chefs. Similarly, during Christmas events and the festive period in general, our adaptability as regards our Christmas menus means that not only are we exceptionally reliable to the point where our food and catered products are the stars of the factory floor or office party, but also our catered functions are highly popular at celebrity functions and engagements also. And there are numerous reasons why our services and numerous products have been such a success throughout the glorious and mystical Christmas period, at such a plethora of different events.

First of all, it is the unfortunate case that many catering outfits and companies within the United Kingdom fail to meet the exacting standards which ought to govern the successes they enjoy during the festive season. Unfortunately, the British people are so nice, in general, that they don’t always have the ability to spurn the advances of mediocre caterers. Due to this, and the notions that surround profit making within many businesses, the people of Britain have been the subject of poor Christmas catering for far too long. Through this, our catering services during the Christmas and festive period have been met with the types of reception that are akin to the joy that is seen when a long, lost son arrives home once again. This is because we approach our Christmas events with the same kind of unadulterated passion which has typifies and symbolized our function and wedding catering outside the Christmas time frame.

Firstly, we only use exceptional ingredients. Although many of you (quite correctly) see this as a given and as something which every caterer must adhere to in order to succeed, it may come as a surprise that the majority of caterers cut corners in this respect in order make more money. Reflected in our longevity within the business and our rise and growth year on year, coupled with our insistence on the subtle qualities being highly important, we disregard the idea of using second rate ingredients, and we always have done.

Our beautifully crafted hog and spit roasting machine units add a huge amount of theatrical zest to any Christmas catered event. Unlike summer, where the vast majority of our spit roast catered events occur outdoors and in the sunshine, our Christmas catered events take brilliant advantage of the fact that our roasting machine units can happily roast a whole host of meats and vegetables cleanly and indoors. This is through the wonderful use of our highly efficient and clean gas burning units which are contained within the nerve centre of our machine systems. Within our machines, we have adapted the lovely and traditional Christmas menus in order to make them applicable to the modern and contemporary client base, whilst also regarding the traditional menu with the reverence and respect that the food deserves. Each machine we bring to your event has the effortless ability to roast up to 30 fresh and whole turkeys at once, providing you and your guests with a service which is multi-faceted in its brilliance. First of all, the turkeys we use are wonderfully reared and are bursting with the flavor that only whole meats can give. As each bird sits on the spit, the turning action over the slow and lovely flames allows a wonderful scenario of self-basting to ensue. As the meat is cooked slowly, the flesh and juices contained within the creature are heated up gently, inhibiting the process of dehydration massively. Also, as the lovely, wholesome and flavoursome juices flow out of the meat, it picks up seasonings on the surface. The turning action of the rotisseries then moves and redistributes the juices over the bird and allows re-absorption. Thus, the lovely juices which flow out of the turkeys are infused back into the meat with the delightful and piquant nature of our seasonings. Although dextrous, it has very hard to describe the wondrous tastes which are derived through the concurrent employment of great meat, spit roasting and delightful and well-considered use of seasonings.

Where many people, in our recent history, have seen and viewed the traditional turkey dinner to be somewhat of a bore, we believe that it tastes marvelous when made in a way which includes deliberate thought and careful planning. Where many see that turkey is a meat which is often eaten when it has been over cooked, it is also the case that a shift within the eating patterns of the nation is majoratively to blame when it comes to many people losing the idea of excitement when it comes to the prospect of a turkey dinner; when many years ago this was not the case.

Back in the days of the industrial revolution, and indeed up until the time of post-war Britain, the majority of people could not afford to eat well due to their economic predicament being poor. Reflected within the societies of many developing countries today (with the prevalence of a huge wealth/poverty gap), the situation in Victorian Britain meant that the vast majority of people didn’t have the ability to eat well throughout the most part of the year. Thus, when Christmas time came around, everyone was so excited due to the fact the meal, in relative terms (after all, everything is relative) was far better than at any other time of the year.

In contrast, today the vast majority of people in Britain have the means to eat pretty well throughout the entirety of the year, which is why they are seldom impressed at Christmas time. Our catered services allow for that fun, anticipation and excited splendour to be re-infused back into the meal times of our Christmas and festive customers. Along with our turkeys which are spitted and roasted freshly in front of your eyes, we still offer all of our other menu options within our entire and comprehensive hog and spit roasted catering services. This means that, as well as our lovely turkeys, we can offer our full range of spit roasted lambs, beef and chicken to all of your lovely guests. Along with our celebrated meats, our wonderful and delightfully sourced vegetables and salad options give your event the true comprehensive feel, whilst also allowing you the option of eating tremendously wonderful food.

Our food revolves around perfection, and always has done. The hog roast machines and our wonderful service style, combined with our pristine ingredients, allow for one of the main reasons why our festive customers are wowed by the occasion; the sensory experience through the theatre of the event. Due to our spit roasting methods and our delightful machines, your guests at your events can truly feel part of the fun by witnessing an ancient cooking practice in process, and people simply love it!

Popular with factories and families alike, our whole ingredients and whole meats ensure that our prices are exceptionally low. So with wonderful food roasted with methods that allow us to cook for hundreds of people with graceful ease, coupled with the fact our prices re define competitive, there is every reason why your event and our catering shouldn’t become part and parcel of your next glorious Christmas party catering experience.