Frequently Asked Questions - Chef & Griddle Hog Roast

What are the standard prices for a hog roast?

Our prices are calculated based on a number of factors. First of all it would depend on which menu option you chose. Then we must take into consideration the location of your event, the number of people you require us to cater for and the date of your event. When making an enquiry with us the pricing team will take all these factors into consideration and develop your own personal quotation. Our prices are always reasonable.

What type of events do you deal with?

We deal with all types of private parties, corporate events and also specialise in hog roast wedding catering. So weather you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, christening, engagement, holding a business meeting charity or fundraising event we are more than happy to help. Whatever the occasion we are more than happy to cater for you. Over the years we have catered for every type of event or special occasion possible.

Do you offer alternatives to pork?

Yes. You can chose from a selection of meats including chicken, turkey, lamb, beef and various BBQ options. You may want to choose 1 type of meat to serve or you might prefer to give your guests the option of two to chose from.

Private Party Menus
Corporate Event Menus
Wedding Catering Menus
Marquee Event Menus

What can you provide for vegetarian guests?

Vegetarian guests won’t be left out of the feast. As well as offering tasty vegetarian canapés and starters we will also provide tempting meat free options which your vegetarian guests can enjoy instead of your chosen meats.

Do you provide cutlery and crockery?

Yes the quotation price is inclusive of all crockery, napkins and cutlery. Some of our packages include disposable types and others offer real options. We can also arrange for other extra s such as table clothes etc. Anything you may require please just ask when making your enquiry and we will do our best to make these arrangements for you.

Where can the Hog roast be done?

A hog roast can be done almost everywhere, either indoors or outdoors. All we need is a well ventilated space. The pig can be delivered ready cooked and just served or the pig can be cooked on site in one place and then served from another.

How long will a pig take to cook?

A pig will take between four and six hours. On the day of your event a hog roast chef will arrive on site approximately 6 hours before your chosen serving time. We will prepare all side dishes, salads, potatoes etc on site while your meat is slowly cooking. Other meats take slightly less time to cook for example a spit roasted lamb would be 3-4 hours. We will always arrive in plenty of time so that the meat is cooked and perfect for serving at the time you request.

Do you provide staff to serve the food?

All menu packages will include a hog roast caterer and assistant to prepare, care and serve. Other packages will include serving staff, front of house person etc if they are part of your chosen menu. Whatever your serving requirements we will provide fully trained professional staff.

What does the quotation include?

The price is always inclusive of a hog roast caterer chef, assistant and serving tables. It will also include the crockery and cutlery. Depending on which menu option you choose it will also include relevant extra staff. For example some of our menus state that staff will serve canapés etc, or if you have chosen a menu which requires serving staff this is always included in the quotation.

What is the minimum and maximum number of guests you can cater for?

We don’t have minimum or maximum numbers because we can cater for your event no matter what size. In the past we have catered small gatherings with 20 people or less and to the other end of the scale we have feed thousands of people at larger events.

Is it possible to change the sample menus?

Yes. The sample menus are designed to give you an idea about what we can offer, and while many customers chose with the sample menus others may wish to make changes. This is absolutely fine we are more than happy to work with you as a team to create your ideal menu.

I would like to try and do a hog roast myself. Is it possible to hire a hog roast machine from you?

Yes. As well as catering events we also offer a machine hire service throughout the UK. We will deliver the machine to you with a full bottle of gas ready to use and then we will come and collect it collect it. If necessary we can also provide the pig.
As well as hiring the machine for a specific event we also give you the option of a months hire. Please call or email the sales team for full details.

Are the machines easy to use?

Yes. Our machines are the very best in the industry not only are they easy to use but they come with full clear instructions and are ready to use straight away, and for your peace of mind when delivering the machine we can go through any questions you may have as well as showing you how to use the machine.

What kind of events to you cater for?

The Hog roast caterers team can cater for any type of event. Over the years we have provided food for every occasion imaginable. This has give us great experience in the catering industry and allowed us to create sample menus that are perfect for everyone.