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Here within our company we can cater for your Hog Roast Party so that you can do what you do best and take care of your guests. If you are looking for a way to test out what a hog roast restaurant would do for your hotel this is one of the best ways. Not only will you build more cliental by the rich succulent smell of the hog roasting on the hog roast machine but people will want to taste what they smell. Take a look at our hog roast machine for sale options, if you choose to buy a hog roast machine, that’s great. If not we will be happy to cater your event. If you are interested in our catering options, then we can provide you with a few menu’s to go over and you can choose what type of meat you would like to have roasted, what main courses you would like to have served and what deserts you would like for the evening.

If you are completely satisfied with the turn-out of your cliental then I believe you have answered your question about adding a Hog Roast restaurant.If you decide to purchase a hog roast machine for sale, then we have many available to see. We will answer any questions that you may have and help you to find the hog roast machine that best fits you. If you would like, we also have an option of hiring a machine, however for a hotel service it is better to buy a hog roast machine and after a few in-hotel hog roasts, the machine will have practically paid for itself.

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Hog Roast Private Party Menus
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Hog Roast Corporate Event Menus
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Hog Roast Wedding Catering Menus
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Standing way out in the forefront of hog and spit roast event catering, we are often asked what makes us tick. Meeting hundreds of people as both clients and friends within this trade, it is amazing to see just how much the gracious folk of Britain appreciate great quality food. In the same way, it is a shame to note that, in general, the standard of food at catered events was shocking in the United Kingdom when we began, and still is in many places. We adopted the method of the hog roast for the purest of reasons as regards catering; taste and presence. In both of these aspects, the spit roast and hog roast are with without comparison. There is no other method of food preparation which can come anywhere near, and all conventional meats, as well as many other specialist meats which we also lovingly prepare, can be roasted in this fashion. Combined with the visual and general sensory nature of the hog roast also, it was the ideal choice. Using this as our core, we then set about, through the incessant endeavours of our head chefs, of creating and crafting our vast and varied menu options within our three focused yet malleable service stances; Private Function Catering, Corporate Event Catering and Wedding Event Catering.

Having a long and illustrious history and heritage within the world of fine dining, the decision to enter the event catering market was an easy and straightforward one to make. Our extensive travels had allowed us to both witness the sensory impacts of bespoke hog roasts, as well as taste the meat which formed the culinary product. From our initial exploits within this field, it rapidly became the crux of our passion to improve this form of dining in order to make it relevant to the highest forms of culinary event. Aiming to induce the hog roast format into a culinary deliverance method which would both bedazzle the most exquisite of garden parties as well as be comfortably applicable to royal events as well as black tie functions, we certainly had our work cut out. The fundamental truths that were never in dispute were the facts that the spit and hog roast format yielded the very best tastes available. The problems, however, were numerous and broad in their aspects.

The first and foremost challenge that the then fledgling team faced was how to adapt the existing hog and spit roasting machines acceptable for our type of usage. Sure enough, there were small scale hog roasting firms which utilised beach parties and the like, however, we needed our machines to be able to dazzle on the largest scale. Although we do indeed cater for informal occasions, the majority of our consumer base desired a form of service of a significantly more precise nature. These events included weddings parties in royal grounds as well as celebrity functions, so it was important to embellish the machines sufficiently enough to make them both supremely reliable as well as highly presentable. This we achieved in good time, showing not only our dedication to our task but also showing the team that they could achieve anything with the right mindset. This way of thinking runs continuously as the undercurrent of anything we commit to, and it is this confidence which has allowed us to tread in different directions compared to our competitors. Using exotic ingredients alongside the more traditional, our menus and catered services allow our customers a whole lot more than they have ever been allowed to explore. Hinging on the splendour of the hog roast, in all its traditional glory, our extensive menus (which can all be tailored to any extent by you, the customer) complement the roast whilst also allowing for unprecedented levels of choice for our customers.

Today, the successes of our catered services have allowed us to serve at some of the most fashionable events in the country. As well as serving everybody, it is our vast and diverse range of clientele that has helped make us what we are today. Approaching each and every event in the same way, with supreme levels of dedication to the finest detail, we have allowed word-of-mouth to be our primary and foremost mode of marketing. Today, the internet plays a huge role, thus website is here to inform you of our services and to allow you the opportunity to team up with you in order to make your event that whole lot more special. Whilst recognising and enjoying the blunt yet subtle simplicity housed within the beauty of the hog roast, we also pride ourselves on taking on culinary challenges. Symbolised within our passion for food as a whole, from sourcing the ingredient right down to making our own seasonings, a catered event with us is a culinary league apart from anything else you may have tried in this sphere.

Available in three main strains within our hog and spit roast centred catering services, the choices we offer within our main menu options are the product of much deliberation and thought. Researched thoroughly, with the help of our clients over the years also, these menus are designed to be a ‘catch-all,’ displaying the finest in culinary choice along with or most popular ingredients, chosen by you, our customers.

So whether the event you wish to have is indoors or outside, we urge you to make the most of your leisure time. Where most of our lives are much more hectic these days, here at Hog Roast Caterer we pride ourselves on maximising your fun and enjoyment through providing food that is finer than anything you may have consumed before. With a client list that is gargantuan enough to fill many leather bound volumes, we don’t pore over the fact that we’ve never had a failed event in our history. Instead, we look forward to attending your event as your caterer, to serve food which exceeds all of your expectations and to welcome you into the world of exquisite dining in its proper sense.

A hotel depending on what city it is located in and how close it is to main attractions already gets a certain amount of lime life. If you add a restaurant to the mix tourists from all around will want to stay at your hotel, especially if it’s a hog roast restaurant. While you do not have to make an upfront decision, it might be in one’s best interest to make a quicker decision then other hotels around yours when it comes to adding a restaurant. If you are not sure, then it might be in your best interest to throw a Hog Roast Party.