Wedding Catering by Chef & Griddle

The decision to go ahead and get married is one that many of us choose, and has led to much happiness in the society in which we live. Getting the catering right at a hog and spit roast catered wedding event can make the difference between a ‘good’ occasion and a truly ‘memorable’ one. Having catered at weddings at the very highest level within the British Isles, our commitment to providing the ultimate in exquisite hog and spit roast inspired food at your wedding day has allowed us to quickly become the nations favourite.

The wedding itself, as a ceremony and an occasion in its own right, has been a part of the fabric of our culture for over hundreds of years. Celebrating the formal joining of a man and a woman, in the eyes of both God and those who form the hub of love and appreciation around the couple, the marriage ceremony allows a couple to become legitimately joined in society. Many people today, both here and in other western and developed nations, see marriage as somewhat of a time-locked tradition. Seen by some as standing for an era gone by, it can be extensively argued that the tight bonds which bind husband to wife, and vice-versa, are not as tight as they used to be. Today, where once the marital vows stood in order to withstand the rigours of time from a moral stand-point, wedding vows and the subsequent binding nuptials form a key legal agreement which hinges around property and possession in the eyes of the state. With such legality, it is of the highest amounts of pleasure that we still see so many young couples enjoying their wedding day, and celebrating their love for each other. In turn, the families of those whom become married also become rejuvenated by the experience as well as being overjoyed at the new found happiness which their friends and relations are experiencing.

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Part of being able to provide sensational and stunningly well presented food at weddings is the necessity of understanding the occasion thoroughly. Where it is often portrayed in various media outlets the extent to which either the bride or groom (or both) wish to make the day absolutely perfect, it is our experience that this is almost certainly the case. Due to our enterprises being based on a family run business, marriages and the parties which surround them have been a huge part of our lives. Frequent in number and always of an absolutely joyous occasion, the extent to which we fussed over getting all the details right helped us to understand, very early on, that each wedding form a very important day for more people than just the bride and the groom. Thus, with this knowledge always in the backs of our minds, we approach our wedding catered events with a tenacity and assuredness that has kept us at the forefront of wedding catering for many years indeed. With a service that encompasses the entirety of our strengths whilst perpetually exceeding the expectations of our clients, we feel that our services ought to be as magical as the notion of a loving marriage itself.

First and foremost, we all know how imposing, daunting and downright stressful wedding event organization can be. With increasing expectations from guests, often it is the bride, groom and their immediate respective families which shoulder this burden in order to see it through successfully. Well aware of the dampening effect this can have on the spirit, we utilize the great talents of our dedicated organization events team to counter this negative aspect of the wedding as an individual event. Thus, when approached, our teams main focus is to assist with the planning of the catering at the event with the express brief of reducing stress on your behalf. Although we accept and understand that stress and organizational situations can be ‘part and parcel’ of the formulation of a wedding on behalf of those briefed by the bride and groom to organize it, we also know that a good helping hand wherever necessary can be the most welcome of welcome gifts. Therefore, all of our events organizational team have extensive catering experience as well as being vibrant and energetic in their field. Through this team, you can have as much or as little input as you like as regards the details for the catering at your bespoke event. If you wish to get involved, then we are more than happy to work alongside your express wishes, ensuring that the menus have metaphorical essences of you all over them. Equally, if you wish to let our team take the reins of the wedding catered event, you can be sure that they will adhere to your wishes and sense of proprietary mood in order to exhibit a wedding catered event that will leave you speech-less. Often quoted as being one of our finest assets, the organization team provides the pivotal and crucial link between our catering services and you, our beloved customers.

Via the events team, or more probably well before you have even made first contact with us, you will have naturally realized that we operate our catered service centred on the glorious and magical cooking process of the hog and spit roast. As our long standing name suggests, our food revolves around this method of flame roasting, and our wedding clients are in a prime position to fully make the most of the vast benefits which it has a method of food preparation, in comparison to all others. As a way of cooking food, the system of ‘spitting’ whole meats on a large pole and then turning over dancing flames is a set-up which has done more than merely stand the test of time. Older than ‘modern man’ by a considerable portion, this way of cooking is symbolic of the wedding party in itself. This is due to the beauty of the notion of tradition, which both weddings and spit roasting are massively enshrouded in. As with the ancient ceremony which percolates through to today’s lovely wedding occasions, so too do our modern and aesthetic hog and spit roast catering machines adhere to their historic and traditional lineage.

When used in conjunction with our fully qualified chefs and service staff (which all of our wedding catered events benefit from), our services form a stunning backdrop to any party, as they provide a comprehensive sensory experience – which is something that no other caterer can match. The first part of this is the sheer visual spectacle of the event which takes place in front of your very eyes. Manned by a chef and housed within a gorgeous stainless steel flame roasting unit, our hogs are guided towards their slow roasted conclusion with a huge emphasis on visual splendour. As the hog roast turns and slowly becomes more and more golden, the guests always gather to observe such a wonderful and marginally animalistic practice taking place. Superb at getting people in the mood for great food, the visual aspect of the spit roast facilitates a lovely connection between the subconsciousnesses of the guests and their distant and more savage past. Next in line as regards the sensory experience is the gorgeous aromas which are lovingly emitted from the turning hogs and other fresh and whole meats which we utilize in our bespoke and tailored catering services. Bearing in mind that we source all of our ingredients absolutely fresh, our farm fresh meats all form a delightful spectacle when on the spits. Whole spring lambs along with the most delightful of fresh whole chickens and turkeys allow for not just a colossal amount of people to be potentially fed, but also the standard of meat is simply incomparable when cooked in this way. With lambs and hogs for example, the slow cooking method ensures that the ideal eating temperature is approached at a lovingly slow pace. Whilst the basting juices from the whole animal are kept so deliciously inside the animal, the tastes are simply unbeatable. Added to this, our exceptional chefs have concocted a whole host of vegetable and salad based side dishes which make

Our wedding catered services hinge on sumptuous variety, absolute freshness and split second service from our beautifully attired and well-turned out staff. With everything completed to the very highest standard, our hog and spit roast wedding catered services not only offer a very economically reasonable way of enjoying restaurant smashing food, but also it allows the people of Britain to truly indulge in something special on their most special of occasions; their fabulous weddings. Our staff are committed to being professionals in their field, and this is apparent in their enthusiasm and their approach to our customers.

To become married is, contrary to cynical beliefs, a very beautiful thing. The day ought to be perfect, and through us, your guests will be able to enjoy food which will help make the day truly memorable.