Hog Roast Perth

Hog roasting dates back thousands of years the first and only method of cooking. We are told that as far back as the cave men, I think we have all seen images on television or in books of animals being roasted over an open fire. There is something quite breathtaking about hog roasting and I felt sure it would work. Thinking this was such an original idea and felt there was a gap in the market for something new it was then we decided to bring hog roasting bang up to date and started our company Hog roast Perth catering, based in this fantastic City with vast history leading back centuries famous for its church Perth is adorned by hundreds of visitors every year making it very popular for holidaymakers. Perth folk are extremely friendly and really look after their own! Once Perth takes you under its wing you are in safe hands and the community spirit is so powerful the folk of perth are always eager to help a friend in need and people bend over backwards to help one another family’s go back generations and all have a story to tell! I could honestly say that there is no where else I would rather be than here serving the community of Perth and feel so grateful that they have enabled me to make a comfortable living for myself and family I really am most humble and owe everything to the fantastic people of Perth. Hog roast hire Perth has been in business now for four years and we really haven’t looked back. We arrange lots of parties from small gatherings to thousands at large events. We have been praised hundreds of times and are always so pleased to receive feedback from our more than satisfied customers. People are always intrigued at an event we host, as it is quite a sight seeing a pig roasted! The pigs are a wonderful to watch cook and at large events we have large lines of pigs all rotating and cooking all watched under the careful eye of our top chefs.

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All our chefs are professionals and come fully prepared, starting with the pig cooking and then to carving the pig our waiters and waitresses then take over and serve the guests. We ensure that you do nothing but enjoy the day. Hog roast Perth catering are always asked what our favourite part of the day has been and we always give the same reply, the looks on the guest’s faces when they arrive! Even though we have seen it all before hundreds of times it never fails to amuse us people are always taken back and intrigued it makes such a talking point and always breaks the ice! It always gets all your guests chatting with one another and a wonderful atmosphere is always created. We say time and time again that we do bring the entertainment when we bring along the pig! You may think that booking a party with us would be expensive but no not at all. When you think about catering for large numbers it always sets customers alarm bells ringing but it shouldn’t when you decide to hog roast. With using a full pig the waste is minimal and one pig goes such a long way! It really works out much cheaper and if cost is a problem and you are on a tight budget we will create a menu to suit you, we always aim to impress and give exceptional value for money and never ever cut corners we only ever cut the cost. Hog roast hire Perth are one of the countries finest caterers with bags of knowledge we have acquired over the years due to our vast experience we pride our self as being one of the best. We have won several catering awards and cleanliness and clean food handling is priority to us we take this side of the business very seriously as should anyone in the catering business. As we approach our fifth year we are so grateful to customers old and new and thank them for their continued custom. We now consider most of our customers as life long friends once we have done one party customers tend to come back and book more so as you can imagine we are most certainly on first name terms! Recommendation gets ninety five percent of our work we find now that we don’t even need to advertise as we are inundated with orders through word of mouth.