Hog Roast Oxfordshire

In terms of being quintessentially English, there aren't many places which are nearly as Shakespeare-clad as Oxfordshire. Nestled and settled in the heart-lands of England, the county of Oxfordshire boasts many landmarks and icons which are synonymous with England and all that is glorious about our history. A major part of our history – particularly in medieval times, revolved around the food which we roast serve and carve at our events. Full of flavour, full of drama, the hog roast banbury catering services we provide in the county of Oxfordshire have been a resounding success over our years and years in the hog and spit roasting event trade.

It is interesting to note just how much the standard of culinary cuisine has improved and grown within the homes and the restaurants of Great Britain over the past few decades. Through the rise and prevalence of celebrity chefs and media personalities in the realm of food preparation, this has most certainly been the case. In terms of hog roast Oxford event catering however, there has been a significant lag – which has yet to catch up. With Hog Roast Oxfordshire, however, this is most certainly not the case. By utilising and making the most of the epic roasting method of flame roasting over dancing flames, we offer our clients in Oxfordshire the chance to eat simply stunning food at their own events. At weddings, our roasting meats rotate in their subdued yet conscious theatre, filling the rooms with perceptible, delicate and epic smells and sights. Hog Roast Chipping Norton guests are always so intrigued by the cooking method, which not only yields meat which is impossible to better in terms of taste, but which also fills the atmosphere of your parties with such electric anticipation.

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Our hog roast Oxfordshire catering operations include Private function hog and spit roast catering – involving any meat which you desire. Sit back and relax with a beer amongst friends, whilst our chefs serve up lovely, crisp salads alongside spit roasted whole spring lambs. There really is nothing better. Likewise, our corporate catering services provide our clients with stunning food and great atmospheres – what are you waiting for?

The Hog Roast catered event is the perfect way to enjoy your Oxfordshire catered function. Whether you’re seeking wedding catering in Henley-on-Thames, a Viking themed corporate party in Dorchester (yes, believe it or not, we’ve done many of these!!) or a colossal gathering of likened minds in Woodstock, we are the premier hog roast oxford catering firm in the area.

Having catered for thousands of hog roast events over our decades in the trade, we have never stopped developing. Always searching for improvements in all facets of our catering services has allowed us to stay far ahead of our competition and remembered in the hearts of our many clients.

Making the most of the wonderful climate conditions, topography of the county and the wonderful soils we have here, has given us the ability, for over 21 years, to source all our ingredients from the land that immediately surrounds us. Known by many as the agricultural growers paradise, especially in terms of vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and capsicums, the produce that we put on the plates of our clients is unbeatable. Extensive travelling, both nationwide and internationally has confirmed this; as whilst many other nations and regions can provide many exotic ingredients (and do so in such a good quality), we have found that the vegetable and salad based staple ingredients which form the core of our menus come in their optimum state form the land of our county. Oxfordshire is truly the womb from which comes the growth of divine vegetation.

Locations we offer our services too: Abingdon, hog roast Banbury, Bicester, Tham, hog roast Chipping Norton.

From beginnings in an Oxford University College Union, our founders had an idea and a concept that was unlike any other in the region. Unfortunately, for the residents of the fair county of Oxfordshire, a catering service able to cater both indoors, outdoors and in remote places was not available. Not one that could offer the quality that we thought many of our contemporaries, friends and county-men deserved. Having attended many functions at the highest level and at more small scale gatherings, the fact that the food never quite matched the hog roast occasion was annoying. All too happy for this to be accepted, the people of Oxford, in our opinions, should not have had such low expectations in terms of the quality of the food they were receiving at catered events. Based on delivering the finest food to our clients, we knew that there wasn’t just a gap in the market for this standard of food at events, there was a chasm.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Didcot, Faringdon, Henley on Thames, Oxford, Carterton, Wantage, Witney.

With various nationalities gracing the streets of Oxford, our ability to deliver excellent food, which was both local and traditional in appeal, allowed us to showcase British produce in all its finery. Our Hog Roast Thame menus have evolved over the years, along with our capacity to cater for exceptionally large numbers of people, whilst never compromising on quality of food. Never. For a spit roast or pig roasted event, you need look no further. Come and join the growing fraternity who agree, that when it’s a hog roast you’re after, it’s us you should come to.

The large and well insulated county of Oxfordshire is home to many wonders. An industrial workhorse of a region, the area and sprawling landscapes that house the inhabitants also house one of the greatest seats of learning in the whole wide world. Where world leaders have gone to study and become the great men and women that they will become, we too tread the mystical and hallowed grounds of Oxford with greatness all about us. Taking the dining experiences of our customers to a whole new level, there are many reasons why you should make your next catered event a hog roast inspired one with us.

The county of Oxfordshire provides an exceptional backdrop to the wondrous and tasty spectacle which is the hog roast. Through areas such as Banbury, Oxford and Thame, ones eyes are welcomed to beauty and brilliance through a stunning vista of level and arable plains that are often bathed with the loving warmth of the very English sunshine. The people, reflecting the azure coated brilliance of the natural countryside around them, are personable and friendly, making our life easier and our catering experiences truly enjoyable.

A hog roast or a spit roast catered event by us houses a method of cooking which cannot be beaten nor paralleled any other form of roasting or cooking. The creature is attached to the metal spit pole and is flame roasted for seven hours. During this time, the hog is continually and relentlessly basted and marinated in its own juices, which run clear and hot whilst the cooking process ensues. Within hog and spit roaster machines of entirely our own design and manufacture, we control every ingle aspect of the catering service. While great smells are derived from the turning hog and as they percolate throughout the multitudes of people whom throng the dining areas and venue in general, onlookers and those interested can see into the heart of the machine and observe an ancient cooking practice taking place. Whilst the hog is slowly obtaining its optimum temperature for human consumption, the turning action of the spit roasting process is helping to coat the hog in its own lovely fluid, re distributing the nutritious juice and aiding the gorgeous re-absorption which so very easily and naturally takes place. This retention of lovely fluid within the meat helps to give the pork we carve on to your plates a whole new dimension in terms of a taste sensation. Moist to the point of insanity, people all over Oxfordshire, from Chipping Norton to Henley, have been perpetually overawed by the brilliance housed and contained within our sensationally prepared hogs of distinction.

Our hog roast oxford catered services come in three distinct and purposeful sectors. In sector one lies out private party menus, which are great for enjoying the most out of summer and allowing restaurant beating food to be served in a informal fashion; a great way to enjoy the day. Sector two houses the corporate hospitality menus, simply terrific at making your deal a sealed one. Sector three holds wedding catering. Here, we apply all of our skills to provide the ultimate in bespoke catering.