Hog Roast Weybridge

Henry VIII started Weybridge on its way to becoming much more than a small village by building a home for his then-wife, Anne of Cleaves. The resulting palace was called Oatlands and was built in 1538. After that time, Kings and Dukes populated Weybridge for a long while until Oatlands’ destruction in 1649 and then in other residences until the mid-1800’s. It still has very posh connections, as in 2007 it was named as the most expensive place to live in the UK with average property prices hovering at over £500,000. So Weybridge has come a long way since its beekeeping, milling, paper and brick making days which is how it started life in the Surrey countryside.

Hog roast Weybridge was set to take place at Oatlands Park Hotel which is a fabulous venue. I was very pleased to be asked to cater a roast for a wedding. I arrived, as I usually do, trailing my roadworthy Titan Spit Roasting Machine which I purchased a few years back. This machine is the ‘bee’s knees’ of spit roasters and can easily cook a beast up to 85 kilos. Weddings tend to be more formal affairs than outdoor events in a community, therefore, I decided to contact the Chef and Griddle to assist me with catering this event. They happily and affordably provide a hog roast hire Weybridge package that consists of an excellent organic menu and the appropriate number of professional staff needed to ensure everyone is served in a timely manner. They can also provide a hog roaster, should you need one.

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On this particular weekend, Surrey was experiencing a rare calm and dry day and I was easily able to set up my machine just off the terrace. Just in case, I set it up under my normal marquee which saves me from all but the harshest of elements. I purchased a few large loins of pork from a locally-bred and fed Saddleback hog, a whole side of lamb and about 10 chickens. All this can be roasted simultaneously using the Titan roaster.

I was the first to arrive in order to start the roasting process. The Titan machine is extremely easy to use and afterwards, easy to clean as well. It has sturdy tyres that allow it easy access to all areas no matter what the terrain. I opted for Chef and Griddle to provide the rest of the sumptuous menu which included canapés to start, three salads, a choice of potato, a vegetarian option, and with the wedding couple providing the cake, they will cut it and serve it up. Everything is presented on beautiful crockery and by very professional waiting on staff.

Being a hog roast caterer in and around the UK for a few years now, I have found that by using the machines purchased or hired, you get very little wastage on the meat. Therefore, it’s a profitable business to say the least. The Titan runs on gas and electric both as it can keep the food warm as long as you’ve got gas in the can. As well, the spit roaster works off electricity and very little at that! There’s never any problem with appetites either, when you roast meats in the open. The aromas entice even the most finicky of eaters to eat everything on their plate! It’s all good, healthy, organic food. Roasting the meat in this way also reduces the amount of fats consumed because they drip off the meat in the cooking process, but without drying the meat at all. Your meat stays juicy and moist to the end.

I can honestly say that not only did the wedding reception go smoothly, everyone looked as though they were having a grand time. I enjoy what I do, enjoy meeting new people, and enjoy talking about hog roasting in general, so I had a very good time as well. The staff provided in the hog roast hire Weybridge package by Chef and Griddle were exemplary, as always, and hog roast Weybridge was a great success, if I do say so myself.

And my hearty congratulations to the happy couple!