Hog Roast Salisbury

There are many splendid cathedral cities in the United Kingdom and Salisbury’s Cathedral must rank as one of most stunning. The spire is not only a quite beautiful piece of construction work but the tallest example of a spire in the UK! The cathedral is visible for many miles around the city is something of a welcome landmark for all of the city’s forty thousand inhabitants. Salisbury is a town with a rich and ancient history dating back to 1220 when the area was known as New Sarum.

Something else with a suitably rich history is the humble hog roast. Well, I say humble hog roast but this feast has a lot to be proud of in recent years as it has been enjoying something of a renaissance of late. Yes, bizarrely enough, hog roast has started to re-emerge as one of the most popular choices for catering and event food in cities like Salisbury and elsewhere across the United Kingdom. If you have been to a special occasion in Salisbury recently, it may well have been a hog roast Salisbury event!

So hog roast Salisbury events may be something of a growing trend, and that is great news for the people of Salisbury, but just why is it that hog roast is enjoying this new lease of life as an event and catering food? It does seem a little odd that a Medieval dish should be pushing the modern competition aside so easily. What is the hog roast hire Salisbury secret?

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Well, there is no secret at all. Hog roast always has and always will be a firm favourite with those who enjoy it, but it could be that people have grown a little tired of the unsatisfying catering solutions that plagued events over the years. There can be nothing worse than looking forward to a great occasion only to be greeted by platters of wholly uninspiring food that you could just as easily prepare at home in an hour or two. I don’t think special food should mean straight out the freezer and most people would agree. The hog roast hire Salisbury chef would definitely agree, for they know all too well the amount of hard work that goes into preparing a cooking a hog roast requires. They also know that special occasion food should really mean incredible flavour.

What makes hog roast such a great tasting feast? Well no small part of that flavour is down to the quality of the meat. Ask any top chef what they consider the secret of great tasting food to be and they will always say ‘quality ingredients’. No amount of fancy cooking is ever going to give you incredible flavours from a lousy cut of meat and hog roast is no different, which is why the hog roast chef always ensures that the whole pig they use is one that has been well reared and that comes from a well regarded local meat supplier. This eye for detail is what helps make hog roast taste so superb.

This all sounds fantastic but you are probably thinking that such an extravagant dish as hog roast must be horrendously expensive. You’d be wrong. Hog roast may look like a million dollars as it’s roasting away and no-one is going to tell you that it’s the cheapest catering option available but when it comes to sheer great tasting, freshly cooked food for your Salisbury guests, hog roast really has no serious completion because it is such great value.

So how is such a fantastic feast so affordable? Well, it helps if you can keep your cost per head budget as low as possible when arranging a special occasion. One way to do this is of course serve poor quality food or simply invite fewer guests, but you don’t need to worry about either of these options with hog roast because you can serve over a hundred people from a typical sized pig! That is some going! Each guest getting quality food, no compromises just great meat.

Organising an event can be something of a thankless task, whether it’s a private function or a corporate work related event. There is a lot to worry about and a lot that can go badly wrong, particularly the catering, so if you have an event to organise, don’t fall into the usual traps of cutting corners. Make sure that when your guests leave at the end of your event, they have had a great time and enjoyed a fantastic Salisbury hog roast.