Hog Roast Purley

A customer in Purley has requested a hog roast and catering from for her engagement party this month. After speaking to her at length over the phone and via email, we have organised what hopes to be a memorable party in the comfort of her own Purley home, which happens to have a huge garden. Usually, if one pictures a hog roast, one imagines a whole spit roast pig slowly turning over a fire. While our Spit Roast machines do live up to that image, with a strong steel skewer to hold the meat over a CE approved heating machine in a fully portable package, we also offer plain hog roasting machines.

The main difference between the two machines is that the latter roasts the hog in a large roasting tray. Both machines are a great talking point and both machines deliver the mouthwatering anticipation to guests, with the view of the meat cooking perfectly. Outdoor event? With no need for mains power – being powered by gas bottles – your hog roast Purley centerpiece will look fantastic outside or in a marquee. It starts to rain, and you need to move your guests and food inside? Our machines are handily equipped with wheels and are easily moved thanks to the careful design, which includes handles on either side of the unit to allow easy movement, hog and all.

Our bride-to-be has decided she wants the food served around 2pm, to allow time for all of her guests to arrive - some of whom are coming from as far as Wales – though she prefers that nibbles and canapés be available for anybody feeling a little peckish. We provide set menus which can be seen on our website, but these simply show a taste of what we offer and we were more than happy to make any changes as suggested by our customer. Snacks will be placed at the centre of each table to nibble on before the starters are served by our waiting staff. Because the hog roast Purley takes around 6 hours to cook, our hog roast hire Purley chef will arrive at the location at around 8am while the small marques are being assembled in the large garden, where the majority of the party will take place. Everybody has their fingers crossed that the weather will hold out, but if the hog roast machine needs to be moved, it can simply be wheeled under the marquee with the set tables and cooking can resume.

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While the hog roast hire Purley itself is cooking, the canapes our customer requested will be prepared, along with the appetisers and main meals for the guests with restricted diets. Our customer's future husband has two vegetarians in his family, but there is no need to worry that they will feel left out. We offer a full and tasty range of foods for vegetarians, and these will be prepared from fresh while the carnivores' food is cooking. We will also be providing tempting sides such as salads, potatoes and breads along with the spit roasted pig with applesauce stuffing. Our waiting staff will then serve all the seated guests, ensuring those with restrictive diets are catered for correctly. Our waiting staff are fully trained, friendly and efficient and will ensure that all of the expected 60 guests are content. We are happy to take every aspect of the catering into our hands so the engaged couple need worry about other things, relax and enjoy their special day.

Our customer was a little concerned regarding supplying her guests with snacks after the main food is cleared away, since she expects the party to go on into the night. We reassured her that we will carve up all the remaining meat from the roast, and set it out with a selection of sauces and breads so she has no need to pop out for any extra food after we have left with our machine, waiting staff and any of our rubbish in tow. We will be setting up any of the leftovers on a table under the marquee ready for anybody feeling peckish later or perhaps needing to sober up a little.

Purley is just one of the places in Britain we cater to. It doesn't matter how big or small a village or town is, if you need excellent catering for your special event we deliver just that. We know how important these events are, and want to make it special for our customer and all of her guests. Nothing says a job well done better than happy, full guests and empty plates. And of course, we will be more than happy to return to Purley to cater for the happy couple when their big day arrives next year!