Hog Roast Southampton

It’s the largest city in Hampshire and home to nearly two hundred and forty thousand people, which is a lot of people to keep entertained. Luckily, Southampton is a city not short of things to do. Southampton is a large and busy city with a rich cultural heritage and a proud sporting history. Not many in Southampton will forget the 1976 FA Cup victory over the red devils in a hurry. And now the ‘Saints’ are back in the Premier League, there could be many more great days ahead.

Great days like this are just the sort of the thing you can recall with great fondness at a family get together or a special occasion, and a hog roast can help get your Southampton event in full swing. A hog roast Southampton event is just the ticket.

There might be a lot you just don’t know about hog roast. For a start, did you know it can take six hours for a typical Southampton hog roast to cook? Yes, that’s six hours but it does go some way to explaining why hog roast Southampton events have the best tasting meat in the city. After that length of time, the meat just melts in the mouth.

You may also want to know that hog roast chefs use only top quality pigs for each Southampton hog roast. That way they can guarantee that the six hours of slow cooling is not wasted on inferior meat.

A quality hog roast also means plenty of pork for your Southampton friends. A typical hog roast Southampton pig gives you enough food for one hundred hungry diners. If you were planning on having a smaller party then you may want to think again. You can invite Matt Le Tissier and all his friends after all.

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Okay, you are convinced that your Southampton function might just be all the better for a hog roast caterer, but you aren’t sure that you want something quite so informal. After all, you are inviting the bosses from work (and you are overdue a promotion so it’s time to impress) so you are thinking of something a little more upmarket. Maybe hiring that business function room at the hotel in the Southampton city centre would make more sense?

Well, if you do then hog roast can adapt with you. Just because you are used to hog roast being served on rolls at outdoor parties and discos in Southampton, it certainly doesn’t mean that hog roast cannot step up to the mark for more formal functions. Indeed, hog roast can out deliver any formal catering solution with ease. The hog roast caterer is quite happy to professionally carve your hog roast so that you have a beautifully presented plate of meat for each of your Southampton guests. And with the great visuals of the hog roast machine and caterer in action for all your guests to see, even Matt Le Tissier may admit to being impressed – and we all know how good he was!

Don’t be a sinner with your catering food, be a hog roast saint!

Hog roast Southampton catering are pleased to announce we are open for business! We are a successful catering company and have now just opened our latest branch in this fantastic city. We pondered for some time on where to open our latest venture and were all agreed Southampton it would be. Southampton has unique history dating back to the stone age with lots of archaeology digs to prove this, invaded by the Vikings did not dampen the spirit of this thriving city and through the years grew stronger and is today still a successful trading port. The town has lots of green areas and has a wonderful feel about it and it just felt so right to open up our business here. Hog roast hire Southampton has its first appointment next week and we are all really excited! The event is a 60th birthday and we are catering for one hundred and fifteen guests so it is a nice size. We have prepared all the machines and all ready to go. We have pr ordered out meat and we have just signed a contract with a local company as we feel it is always best to use local produce wherever we are based. We searched long through word of mouth and recommendation to come up with our suppliers and we look forward to a long and happy business relationship with them! We have been really busy training up our new staff and all looked so smart yesterday at our dress rehearsal. We believe in all our staff being helpful, friendly and courteous as well as the highly skilled professionals that they all are. We have employed four chefs and they come with the highest of recommendations from the top eating establishments around. We at Hog roast Southampton catering are ready to take lots of pictures at this event and have even hired our own photographer, as we want to use these pictures for our advertising as agreed by our customer. The customer has ordered three pigs, chicken and lamb with apple sauce, gravy, and dips we are providing continental freshly baked bread with salad and French fries we cant wait to get started! The event at a hall and we have plenty of room to set out all out equipment. Hog roast hire Southampton have just had hundreds of cards printed and we have some people who are next week going to hand out the cards around the area for us the cards show exactly who we are and what we do with our phone number and web address. We were really the stars of Southampton last week when we were in the local newspaper! We had a visit from a reporter asking about our new business and he wanted to do a story on us, which we jumped at the chance we all had our photographs taken and had a wonderful story printed on us they are doing a follow up on us next week and that is why we want the photographs to show off our first event . We know we will be a huge success here in Southampton and cannot wait to show off our skills to the locals! We are taking bookings all through the year summer or winter, any time slots available we will even work through the night if that’s what you want. Our specialist machines can be used indoor or our door and are so versatile they fit into the tightest of places so any venue we can cater for. Numbers too are no problem whether it be thirty people to hundreds even thousands we can help and we have before. We just hire in more machines and temp staff and we are away, it is just as easy for us to cater for large amounts as it is for small numbers as that Is what we do best we rise to a challenge! Hog roasting is the new black! It is right on trend at the moment in fact it never went away. Good old fashioned home cooked food like granny used to make, that is how we best describe hog roasting nothing added and nothing taken away. It is what separates us from the rest we don’t go in for small portions designer food, food that looks like a work of art we go for good home food classical and old and young alike all enjoy the simple taste of hog roasting, one that will be savoured in years to come!