Hog Roast Lanark

Whatever the occasion – whatever the need for the celebration, there is no finer way of doing it than by having your very own, special tailored hog or spit roast catered event. Hog Roast Caterer is proud to have served the hog roast catering needs of the whole of the Lanarkshire area for many years now. Whilst here, we have undertaken hundreds upon hundreds of separate catering assignments, from the whole of the region. Always centring on the use of our wonderful roasting spits, our event tantalise whilst also adding a huge element of theatrical flair.

Our Hog Roast Glasgow is majoratively comprised of three aspects. These are Corporate Catering, Wedding Catering and Private Function Catering. From all over the area, from Carluke through to Peebles, we serve inside or outside some of the finest foods you are ever likely to taste. The beauty of hog roasting is very simple. By taking an ancient cooking method steeped in tradition, we ensure that the meat tastes far superior to any restaurant. Growing in popularity throughout the British Isles, the idea of good, well sourced food is growing in popularity.

Through the shifting changes in the tastes of the nation, Hog Roast paisley find it fantastic that people are eating better and really getting involved. With our wedding menus, we take all the finery that our years in the trade brings. Utilising the beautiful rotating spits, we roast meats in front of your guests until it is golden brown. Whilst the meat is roasting, our chefs prepare the most tantalising side dishes and accompanying aspects – all in front of your patients eyes. The service standards we exert are exceptionally high, and allow the guests at your wedding catered event the opportunity to be involved in a truly superb dining experience.

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Along with this, our corporate catering gives your business clients all they can ever hope for and more. With stunning food, understated theatre and simply slick service – what more could the perfect corporate meal desire. Our private function menus and our hire options further exert our emphasis on absolute quality.

With the summer fast approaching, many folk are considering where, when and how they should conduct their catered events. Irrespective of season, there are few things better than getting together with people, like minded and not, who you enjoy sharing quality time with. Historically, humans have always capitalised on an occasion involving food to also spend time with those who they cherish.

Some areas around we offer our hog roast Lanark services too - Castle Douglas, Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbright, Stranraer, Wigtown, Elderslie, Erskine, Greenock, Kilbarchan, Kilmalcolm, hog roast Paisley, hog roast Glasgow.

And in many ways its history that drives our future. Here at Hog Roast Lanark, we have adopted a cooking method steeped in history. The hog roast, or spit roast, is a method which has lasted for almost as long as humanity itself. As soon as we ere intelligent enough to begin cooking our food for hygienic purposes, the spit roast was, in essence, born. Taking the invention from the earliest homo sapiens, we have created and crafted our very own hog and spit roasting machines. Through this marriage of engineering prowess and culinary mastery, we have now become Scotland’s premier hog and spit roast event caterer.

When we began our enterprise into the fabulous world of hog roast and spit roast event catering it amazed us to see just how mediocre the standard of event catering, both indoor and outdoor, was. Appalled at the amount of money people were spending on cuisine that was often sub-standard, we recognised that there was a huge gap in the market. Through our founders of love of surfing and mechanical repair, we entered the hog roast event catering industry full of vigour, passion and determination. Building and modifying an already existing hog roast machine design from Australia, our success in the field of catering was exceptionally rapid indeed. This was mainly due to the fact that the food we were serving was restaurant beating. Having witnessed fantastic spit roasts abroad, we couldn’t believe that people in our very own Scotland, from Maryport, Biggar, Cambuslang, Hamilton and Kinloss, through to Stromness and Falkirk, simply hadn’t had the chance to taste meat as it should taste. Insisting on using the finest ingredients, both as regards meat produce and whole pigs, lambs and chickens as well as our salad and vegetable options, we very quickly became popular with people from all walks of life.

Areas around Inverness we offer hog roast services.
Renfrew, Clydebank, Motherwell, Drumnadrochit, Elgin, Forres, Lossiemouth, St Andrews, Tomatin, Nairn, Alyth, Auchterarder, Blairgowrie, Coupar Angus, Crieff, Perth, Rattray, Scone, Dingwall, Stornoway, Tain, Hawick, Jedburgh, Kelso, Roxburgh, Galashiels, Selkirk, Stow, Lerwick, Alloa, Alva, Stirling.

Our private party menus have been developed for over a decade and a half and reflect the finest options as regards positive ingredient combinations as well as great and seasonal variety. These menus are open to amendment and change by our customers should they wish to do so, as we stand by our pledge to offer a truly bespoke dining experience. Through the development of our own machines within our in-house design and manufacture set-up, we have been able to better shape our own destiny within the hog and spit roasting trade. The introduction of ultra-clean burner technology has allowed us to really transform peoples events, as we have the ability to use our beautiful looking and culinarily powerful spit and hog roasting machines both indoors and outdoors. Great for the good old Scottish weather, this allows us to move indoors and out as you please, or as your event dictates. Symbolic of our commitment to our customers, our continual development both within the spheres of ingredient and within the remit of hog and spit roast design and manufacture has helped us go exceptionally far. Catering for royal functions as well as celebrity engagements, not only are we committed to the beautiful garden party in areas such as Fetlarl, Fearn and Stoneykirk, but also have the menu capacity and skill within our trained team of chefs to supply the most intricate and delicate of menus.

Alongside our commitment to the private functions of those in our home country of Scotland, we also have an exceptional history in the field of corporate hospitality catering as regards the hog roast and all the finery that goes with it. As with our private party menus, our menu options range from the relatively simple to the far more elaborate. Great as a guideline, these menus can be tailored by you to whatever extent you deem appropriate or desirable. Understanding the many roles of corporate hospitality, Hog Roast Caterer is all too aware just how important setting the right mood and atmospheric climate is. Our service staff are all part of our big catering family, and through their exceptional knowledge, confidence and courtesy, they conduct themselves gracefully and in an exacting manner. We receive almost as much praise for them as we do for our exquisite meat preparation. So for all your corporate needs, why settle for anything less? Our ears of experience in the trade sets us apart to the extent that it makes business sense for you to consider nothing else.

The final, yet perhaps most illustrious weapon within our vast armoury of culinary weapons and services, is our hog and spit roast wedding catered services. Having catered at celebrity weddings as well as wedding all over the Scottish country, we strive to meet perfection every time. When observing our wonderfully balanced yet deliciously exuberant wedding menus, the customer knows that they are viewing culinary history. The amount of times we get told that the food we serve is the best that our guests have tasted is hard to quantify; it simply happens all the time. Within our wedding menus, our chefs and service teams really excel in the area of haute cuisine. Combining freshly made and sumptuous canapés with the theatrical splendour of the hog roast, your guests, like many others before them, will be wowed and amazed. With the concurrent use of our superb vegetable accompaniments and freshly dressed and prepared salads, you are sure to have the best wedding catering possible

So as you shape up for the season of fun and laughter, why not sink your teeth into something new. Sure, its an old method, but year on year we re-invent it, and we cant wait to put it on your plates.