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Hello and welcome to Hog Roast Hertfordshire, the number one provider of exquisite hog roasts in the Hertfordshire area. We have years of experience providing people with the highest quality outdoor catering around and are fantastic hog roasts have made us one the premier catering service providers you will find anywhere.

Hertfordshire is famous for being one of Britain's ‘Home Counties’ and is one of the oldest places in the UK, with the feeling of tradition and heritage surrounding you wherever you go in this beautiful county. So it is no surprise that we at Hog Roast Caterer Hertfordshire also get a strong feeling of pride for the services we provide to the people in these glorious surroundings.

Our delicious hog roasts really do have to be tasted to be believed. Cooked by the finest machinery that money can buy by one of our hugely qualified and experienced chefs, we aim to provide you with the highest quality service in all of Hertfordshire. You can chose from our fantastic range of menus to make sure we deliver you the most delicious food no matter what the event. All of our hogs are farmed locally by very own farmers and all of our vegetables are organically grown. This dedication to providing our customers with only the finest ingredients really makes the difference when it comes how delicious our food tastes at the end and one of the main reasons we have risen to become one of the more successful and well respected outdoor catering service in the Hertfordshire area.

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It really doesn’t matter how big or small the event is, we at Hog Roast Hertfordshire will provide the best service around. Down the years we have successfully catered for a huge number of events and parties and have had many happy customers, some of who have kept on returning to us for many years. We really are the perfect option to provide not only the most delicious locally produced food, but also give your guests a major talking point as they see the food they are about to love slowly cooked to perfection from fresh right in front of them using our specially designed machines.

Having decades experience in the trade, we specialize in wedding catering, haute cuisine and barbecue functions all cross the county. So whether you’re living the dream for the afternoon and evening in Epping green, getting married in Hexton or having a formal corporate hospitality event in Letworth Garden City, give us a shout, you’ll be thrilled, no doubt!

In this months installment, we’ve decided to give you an insight into our operations. What follows is an event diary, written by our experienced chef, Maxamilian Hennesey.

OUT: Head out to the farm to collect our meat. Beef hung for 28 days along with 2 whole locally bred pigs. Checked it over, everything looks good. Into refrigeration and on the road towards our event; a wedding party near Epping. Spoke to Tom, our vegetable specialist, who has picked up the necessary vegetables from 3 farms on the previous day. Apart from the irregular shapes (which is common with organic produce) he is satisfied that they are tip top. Just the drive now, so time to go over the details one last time.

THERE: On arrival, sous chef and our assistant start to set up machines. Need 3 cooking units for this event, but these new ones are awesome and only need 20 minutes to spit all the beasts and set the heat on. Once we’ve discussed finer points with client its time to start with vegetable preparation. Although we’re catering for 350, the fact that we have 7 hours in which to prepare allows us to pick over everything meticulously. Checked pig roast for second time this half hour, all burners spurting dancing flame as normal. Late afternoon and time to finish the prep on the vegetables. Dressings made and salad chopped. Supervise other members. Glaze pigs with honey to allow for final hours cooking. Crackling is going to melt their hearts! Seasoning on beef needs to be added to, apart from that all is well. Lend out sous chef and assistant to help client set chairs up and general stuff. Serving staff arrive 2 hours before the hog roast event. Give them detailed briefing. As normal, they are full of energy. Hope I will be!

Locations we offer our services too: Abbots Langley, Baldock, Berkhamsted, Bishops Stortford, Bricket Wood, Brookmans Park, Broxbourne, Buntingford, Bushey, Cheshunt, Chorleywood, Cuffley, Enfield, Graveley, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Hatfield, Hertford, Hitchin, Hoddesdon, Knebworth, Letchworth, Potters Bar, Radlett, Redbourn, Rickmansworth, Royston, Sawbridgeworth, South Mimms, St Albans, Stansted, Stevenage, Stotfold, Tring, Walkern, Waltham Cross, Ware, Watford, Watton at Stone, Welwyn Garden City, Wheathampstead.

All champagne and canapé service completed without hitch. Everyone happy, host is beaming. As ever, the pig is getting more attention than the bride!

Starters and mains have been exemplary. Food carved and served like clockwork. Host is ecstatic. Crackling a real it, the organic pigs always deliver. Continually amazed by good produce, it really does the hard work for us. Serving staff relaying continual positivity. New upgrades to machines prevent any possibility of burns by touching the outside of the cooking unit, been very useful today with all these intrigued children. Push, push, push now to ensure perfection in timing and keep up that effortless air that we’re known for.

BACK: Settled finances with host who was saddened that we weren’t happy to accept too big a tip. Event went without hitch, cleanup complete in the quickest time this summer, service team pat on the back. Return to HQ soon, still talking to evening guests who are a bit too tipsy to be wary of repeating themselves. All in good fun!

Driven back and given machines shake down. As ever, everything works perfectly, we’ve been doing this for so long our hog roast machines are practically indestructible. Sent everyone home, all happy that yet another hog roast at a wedding catered event that went perfectly.

The delightful county of Hertfordshire is ancient pillar of the structure which is modern Britain. The name is derived from the Roman for ‘Deer-Crossing,’ which works great for us, as spit roasted venison made by us is well worth ‘crossing’ the road for. Being one of the ‘Home Counties,’ Hertfordshire is one of the most ancient places in Britain, as humanity has been found to have dwelt within it since the Bronze Age. So with history as its old friend and companion, it is of little surprise that the folk and inhabitants of the area feel strongly about heritage and tradition. And why not? As far as an illustrious past goes, the county of Hertfordshire has much to be proud about.

And this is what inspired us really. As we are the Regions premier hog and spit roast catering provider today, it was our initial love for the great taste of slow roasted meat which gave us the inclination, energy and vigour to enter the splendid world of event catering. Just as the people of ancient times whom dwelt in the ancient bounds of areas such as Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage and St Albans, we utilise a similar cooking procedure as them! Where modern science and forward thinking have created much in the way of progression in many walks of life, we love the fact that history teaches us a daily lesson as regards the preparation of food; as the hog and spit roast is an ancient method of food creation which cannot be bettered by modern techniques or approaches. Due to this, we adopted it as our main focus of service.

Today, we have our very own range of ultra-modern hog and spit roaster machines. From our initial workings with a borrowed machine design, our years in the trade have helped us to develop hog and spit roasters that completely dominate the market in terms of quality and endurance. Due to having a dual pronged approach to catering (with our catering enterprise and our spit and hog roast machine design and manufacture), our concurrent businesses were able to flourish very quickly. Due to this dual aspect, when we were out on hog and spit catering jobs throughout the week we were able to gain a huge insight into the necessary improvements we wished to make. For example, one of our early forays into the mystical and charming world of the hog inspired garden party displayed that our machines needed a narrower body in order to fit through most garden gates. As our production facility was owned and operated by us, it was a matter of days before a new design was incorporated into the construction process. This evolutionary design has helped to make us the proprietors of the best machines by far. And they’re now available for sale to both the members of the public as well as restaurants and caterers.

Along with our bespoke and celebrated catering services in all areas from St Albans, Enfield, Hatfield, Hertford, Hitchin and Watford, our machine service has helped to make us the ultimate in choice for you.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Aldbury, Aldenham, Amwell, Ardeley, Aspenden, Aston, Ayot St Lawrence, Barkers End, Barkway, Barley, Bedmond, Beachwood Green, Bovingdon, Braughing, Brickendon, Burnham Green, Codicote, Colney Heath, Comer, Darleyhall, Datchworth, Elstree, Essendon, Flamstead, Flaunden, Gaddesden, Gosmore, Hadham, Hallingbury, Halls Green, Henham, Hertingfordbury, Hexton, Hinxworth, Ickleford, Ippolyts, Kimpton, Lemsford, Wymondley, Markyate, Marsworth, Nettleden, Northaw, Pirton, Puckeridge, Sandridge, Sheering, Takeley, Tewin, Trowley Bottom, Turnford, Ugley, Waldon, Wellpond Green, Westmill.