Hog Roast Hereford & Worcester

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Worcester was at the epicentre of the region but we also cover other places in the county, including Dudley and Kemerton. If you live just outside the border near Hereford we're more than willing to come out and help should you require our services. Given the great transport links available to Worcester, we can be there for your function as soon as possible, so we can get on straight away with cooking your spit-roast.

As can be the case in many predominantly urban counties, the issue of having a space big enough to cook a spit-roast is quite tricky. Thankfully, our spit-roasts don't take up a lot of space, and can easily be hosted in a small back garden, with room for all the side dishes too. We offer a range of side dishes, including salads, Dim Sum, samosas, bhajis and assorted canapes, so there's a bit of everything if you choose the right option from our extensive menu, especially if you don't want to leave out any of your vegetarian or vegan friends.

Our company are fully aware that there are communities in the county that don't eat pork on religious or ethical grounds. This is why we offer a range of options on our many different menus, including beef, lamb, chicken and turkey. We even have a vegetarian option on offer, so that you can have all the fun of eating from a spit roast, without enduring any of the guilt.

Whether you're a student or a worker, religious or atheist, or if you just want a good time, there's nothing like having a spit-roast at the centrepiece of your celebrations. For more information, feel free to look round our website at our detailed menus and what equipment we use. By utilising our very own and special hog and spit roasting machines, we give our clients the most exceptional levels of theatre; not just glorious food. By engaging our clients in a truly sensory experience, we give the people of Worcester and Hereford a level of catering which is truly spectacular. The sight of a slowly rotating hog is something which not many people can resist. On top of this, the luxurious and licking flames add both flavour and drama to the whole spectrum of the catering experience. And its not only the adults that love it; the children can see where real food comes from. And crucially, how real food can taste!

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To all in the fantastic region of Hereford and Worcester, whether from Evesham or Droitwich, waste time no longer, as we guarantee your love of our hog roast could be no stronger! (Even though many of you don’t know it yet!)

Having come from relatively small beginnings in Upton upon Severn, we have blossomed into a nationally praised and acclaimed catering company, specializing in top quality pig roast orientated catered events.

Unhappy with many aspects within the modern context of catering, we pride ourselves on meeting all of our customers needs. Never settling for what can be deemed to be just acceptable, we strive to continually thrill our clients with a complete and comprehensive sensory experience, when enjoying our hog roast catering. Believing wholeheartedly that the finest of dining has to address each of the senses within the human spectrum, you can rest assured that every part of your event, in terms of catering, will be handled efficiently, conscientiously and in a manner that relieves you of any anxiety or apprehension towards your event, no matter how large or small. Having catered for Film Stars as well as for locals, we are totally aware that, even though different functions aim to generate different moods and house a variety of atmospheres, our presence is sure to delight and make your event memorable.

From a farming background, we have always ensured that all of our ingredients are the most organic available, often from our own farms. Sourcing local, even during the ‘glory’ days of the globalization buzzword, was never a question for us. Many of our former colleagues depended on trade from their fellow countrymen and were understandably dismayed when neither their own government supported them in the market place, nor the consumer. What made this situation even more disparaging was the fact that the majority of practices and methods used to generate edible agriculture and livestock in the UK was of a standard far in excess of most other nations. While many were more than happy to import lamb from New Zealand, we were using produce that was organic, fresh and from just down the road.

Locations we offer our services too: Bewdley, Colwall, Droitwich, Evesham, Hereford, Kidderminster, Kington, Ledbury, Malvern, Leominster, Pershore, Ross On Wye, Stourport on Severn, Worcester.

Thankfully, majoratively down to a shift in fashion, the concept of buying local is once again becoming the accepted norm. Aware of fuel prices and the fact that what we grow is the best, many consumers are now choosing to shop for products locally. Our hog roast catered events often showcases local produce, some exotic, some not so. Our menus which are compiled by our chefs are infinitely variable, as you, as the client, are aided by a seamless integration of event management staff and chefs. Through this, we can help generate the event you wish for, whilst ensuring that your menus and serving patterns reflect the ambience that you wish.

Along with catering, we also manufacture pig roasting machines in our production facility within the region. The quality, as you can imagine, is exemplary. Feel free to ask for a brochure or alternatively come along and visit our showroom. Whether wedding catering, function catering or any event at all, a hog roast with us will indulge your senses.

The regions of Hereford and Worcester are historical powerhouses. Situated on the ancient border lines to regions such as Western Mercia, areas such as Evesham and Malvern have had more than their fair share of historic battles and conflicts. As with the Saxons, here at Hog Roast Caterer we are very much in love with the hog and spit roast as a means of feeding people at events of any size or inclination.

We began our journey into hog and spit roast catering nearly two decades ago, and have progressed and developed rapidly year on year. At the outset, we were immediately aware of a gap in the market as regards catering. This was purely through the fact that the standard of catering available for people at their own events was pitiful. A far cry from the good food on offer in the restaurants of the region, both indoor and outdoor hog roast Hereford and Worcester outfits were appalling. Often very expensive, the standard of cuisine, once it reached the tables of the guests and clients, was never above mediocre. As this seemed to be the norm, it appeared that many people were happy to have such service at their events. Thus, when we began serving restaurant beating food at peoples events, our reputation and its subsequent improvement as regards growth was highly positive.

Improving on an already existing hog and spit roast machine design, our expertise in engineering and construction skills also allowed us to quickly improve the machines on offer. Incorporating clean burners with high tolerance manufacturing processes, we rapidly made our machines capable of cooking both indoors and outdoors. Not needing the use of electricity, our hog and spit roasting machines were also able to get anywhere. Giving our customers the freedom to truly choose any location really helped our clients, as well as fitting our ethos which involved giving our customers the widest range of choice possible. Able to give our customers much pleasure at their events, the hog and spit roast is simply a stunning way to feed for people. Due to a whole animal being utilised in the roasting process, there are numerous reasons why the whole sensory experience of a spit roast is so much better than that of a traditional catering service. First of all, a whole hog can feed a huge number of people. Where traditional caterers lose quality when more people need to be fed, with us, the more the better. Due to the whole hog being used, the animal roasts in a self-basting manner. When the slow cooking method of the flame inspired spit roast is combined with this self-basting attitude of the turning hog, the tastes that are achieved are simply mind blowing. On top of this, the turning and flame infused spectacle of the cooking hog is a real crowd pleaser. The smells are to die for and the list goes on and on.

We’ve re-invented catering in this great region, let us re-invent your function. Locations we offer our hog roast Hereford and Worcester services too.

Almeley, Abberley, Aymestrey, Badsey, Bishampton, Bishops Frome, Blakedown, Bodenham, Boraston, Bournheath, Bransford, Bredon, Bringsty, Broadway, Brockhampton, Bromyard, Canon Pyon, Chaddesley Corbett, Charlton, Church Lench, Clent, Cleobury Mortimer, Clifford, Clows Top, Clyro, Cookley, Credenhill, Defford, Dormington, Dorstone, Eardisland, Elcocks Brook, Fladbury, Flyford Flavell, Glasbury, Goodrich, Hampton Bishop, Hay on Wye, Great Witley, Hagley, Hartlebury, Harvington, Hoarwithy, Holme Lacy, Honeybourne, Kemerton, Kimbolton, Kinlet, Kinnersley, Knightwick, Leintwardine, Little Cowarne, Little Tarrington, Lugwardine, Luntley, Madley, Martley, Michaelchurch Escley, Mordiford, Mortimers Cross, Much Cowarne, Much Marcle, Offenham, Ombersley, Orleton, Pembridge, Peterchurch, Pensax, Pinvin, Powick, Ruckhall, Sellack, Sambourne, Shatterford, Shobdon, Shrawley, Stanford Bishop, Stottesdon, Strensham, Symonds Yat, Tenbury Wells, Tillington, Ullingswick, Upper Sapey, Upton Bishop, Upton upon Severn, Walterstone, Welland, Wellington, Weobley, Whitbourne, Wilton, Wichenford, Willersley Hill, Winforton, Woofferton, Woolhope, Wyre Piddle, Wythall.