Hog Roast London

When organising a hog roast catering event, there are few better places in the world better to do it in than the vibrant and exciting City of London. With a history richer than any city in the world and a current atmosphere which is matched by no other, there are too many positives about London to squeeze into these paragraphs. But surely one of the highlights is that it is home to Hog Roast London, a company which aims to bring you the finest hog roast delicacies for any occasion.

Down the years we have provided a first rate Hog Roast London experience to a fantastic variety of clients throughout the Greater London area. This has ranged from celebrities wanting to impress their fellow A-List friends, suited businessmen working in the heart of Canary Wharf to the wannabe thespians in Camden, we aim to provide excellent food and a professional service to all our catering events both indoor and out.

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We can provide our hog roast service to virtually any function or event. Whether it is the biggest wedding of the year or just a small gathering of close friends, we promise we that we will deliver the best catering service money can buy that will leave both you and your guests completely amazed and hugely satisfied. We have vast experienced in providing excellent service for any event no matter what the size.

We will also not be beaten when it comes to the fantastic menu choices we have to offer you. Not only do we slowly cook our succulent hog roasts to perfection, we also offer a huge range of other meats such as lamb and chicken that are cooked on our specially designed machinery and served with a large choice of side orders and extras. There is even a vegetarian option so no one will miss out on this fantastic service. Hog Roast London really is a superb option if you want to provide the finest quality food cooked in a truly unique way to make your next party or event something to remember.

For a hog roast catered event, London is truly the vibrant, beating heart of the country. The revolving hub of the world, the City of London has borne witness to struggle, greatness, leadership, war, revolution and disaster… But most glorious of all, it has provided the home for Hog Roast Caterer Greater London, the company that brings you the finest food, for any occasion and whatever the weather. The hog masters and function kings, true missionaries of culinary greatness.

Having catered for many different clients in our illustrious time in the business of whole pig roasting, we have had the delight of experiencing some wonderful characters. From celebrity and A-list functions in the heart of the city and in Canary wharf, we have always aimed to deliver Michelin star restaurant quality food at all of our catered events, whether indoors or out.

If you’re planning a hog roast catered function or whether you’re thinking of heading down the wonderful, glistening (yet uncertain) path of marriage, we guarantee to provide you with a catering service that will leave you stunned. Having completed numerous functions which hinged on pristine service, split second timing and innovation in menus, our capacity to satisfy you must not be underestimated.

After all, it was our late, great, Admiral Lord Nelson who said, “Amidships! set the topmast for home! And whom we have wrecked may the grace of God bring to safe shores, it is in his giving hands now. But for us men, the pig is turning on our sacred land and we have earned our feast.” So, in truth, to go against his wishes is folly. You know it makes sense.

Having used only the most organically superfluous suppliers over our years in the hog roast London business, we are so confident in our fare that we can absolutely guarantee that you will never be disappointed.

You see, it is a fine thing, to see the sun rushing to greet the horizon, one of the beautiful sunsets that can warm the heart and raise a smile to even the most hardened of commuters. The air, made crisp by the gloved hand of autumn, this glove to conceal the true frost of its master, the winter. The air makes fresh ones thoughts as the image of day drifts peacefully to the mystery of night. And as the pig turns, the pig roaster playing the humming bass note gently, choirs singing to provide the descant, we can come together.

Great people, wonderful food and the chance to remind ourselves that yes, although the winter approaches, the fire in our hearts, the fire which cooks our pig and the effervescent shimmer that our smiles bring, will let us pass through to spring time. Untouched, unblemished and with our bellies full, we can approach our trials, our tests, our sympathies and hopes. We can tackle the world. For what is there more, whether in Houndslow, in Kingston-upon-Thames or in the institutional beauty of Westminster, than the love of others, as reliable as bricks, the antithesis of stone, yet more strong than the toughest of mortar.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Barking, Batersea, Brixton, Clapham, Barnet, Bexley, Brent, Bromley, Camden, Greenwich, Hackney, Hammersmith, Fulham, Harrow.

London, the capital of our nation as well as the capital of our hearts, is the perfect venue for having a brilliant and bespoke hog roast. Just like the old men of old who set sail from the ports of the Thames to do battle, so do our machines roll gracefully forward to acquit themselves with honour upon the battlefield of your garden party, corporate hospitality event or your fully tailored and exquisite wedding catering.

Like the Queen and the Royal family whom reside within the bounds of the city regions, our dedication to quality has seen us set the royal standard when it comes to spit roast event catering.

Our early hog roast london catering operations revolved around the sunny parties of those residing within areas such as Kingston Upon Thames and Westminster. Although we were staggered and often over-awed by the sheer opulence, brilliance and dedication that we found so often within the finest restaurants of London, we were very perturbed about the poor standard of catering that was to be found at the private events of the people within the nation.

In order to counter this on the one hand, whilst also slotting ourselves neatly into a gap in the market that was screaming to be filled on the other, we instigated our very own superb hog and spit roasting trade. Hinging and centring on the notion of culinary perfection, we also began to pursue our very own version of the hog and spit roaster machine.

From the outset, it was clear that we were going to need to create far better and more high-tech machines than were available if we were to be able to complete our hog roasting jobs and catering events to the standard that we deemed appropriate. We would need to have machines that looked great, with sweeping lines and an engaging demeanour. Our machines needed to burn cleanly, allowing for both indoor and outdoor hog and spit roasting. The machines needed to have narrow bodies for ease of handling and the ability to easily pass between the normal garden gate. Our machines needed to have pneumatic tyres attached to steel wheels so that ruggedness could be married to versatility, underlined in the form of a revolutionary steering design unit which sat on the front of the machine. Our machine would need to be made from stainless steel so that it would never rust, never begin to look poor and would be able to stand all the rigours of continuous commercial use. Our machines would have to be low in fuel consumption in order to fit our ethos and to align with our ‘investor in trees’ principles and thoughts. Today, all of our machines fit this bill and it exceed it, as our machines are continually developed, year on year. Along with our superb machine enterprise, of which you can become part of the family by purchasing one, we also run our renowned catering service. So for whatever your needs, from garden party, to wedding or to corporate hospitality, don’t think twice about coming to us. We know how to make it perfect, we know how to roast it right.

Have a Hog Roast with us and take a moment to reflect, you deserve it. We all do