Hog Roast Morecambe

There is something distinctly British about the seaside resort. It must appeal to that British determination to enjoy a day at the seaside regardless of the seemingly weekly assault the often fierce UK weather wages on us. The seaside is as British as afternoon tea and red phone boxes, and the emotions run high when we think of seaside resorts that have seen better days.

That used to apply to Morecambe, but Morecambe is bouncing back and making a name for itself once more in this coastal corner of Lancashire. Morecambe’s near forty thousand residents know a thing or two about quality food, too and they know that hog roast represents a great way enjoy a top meal at a big event at surprisingly low cost. Here is the low down on hog roast Morecambe common sense.

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Morecambe has had to deal with the general decline in the success of seaside resorts nationwide, so the residents of the town are always looking for the best possible value. This applies to the significant hotel and guest house trade in the town, where hog roast is an exciting new option to consider. You see, hog roast represents a win win situation for the event and function organiser as it really is a truly versatile and economical option when catering for a large number of people in Morecambe. Take your typical Morecambe wedding and say, for example you have sixty guests. An average size pig would easily serve those sixty people Morecambe guests and have enough second helpings for forty diners. All from the one hog roast! And if you think that’s good, just wait till you get to taste it because all those at a hog roast Morecambe wedding reception will simply be amazed at the stunning flavours you can get from a hog roast. It is difficult to put into words but, suffice to say, the guests will think that the catering has been supplied by a top chef from one of the best known restaurants. A hog roast is simply that good!

You may have been to receptions where the catering was, well, to use Eric Morecambe’s term, ‘rubbish’. This is such as a shame as a wedding is a once in a lifetime event that you and your guests should cherish forever. You don’t wait to look back on it as the ‘catering Morecambe disaster’ but as the ‘hog roast Morecambe spectacular’.

Hog roasts can be as formal or as relaxed as you like. Hog roast can be presented with all the panache of a top restaurant meal or with the simplicity of a barbeque. Tasty rolls and sauces at your Morecambe function will make a mean hog roast sandwich, and you mustn’t forget the crackling!

Hog roast really is the versatile function food that people have been waiting for. It looks brilliant too, a whole pig slowly roasting and waiting to be served makes for a real centrepiece at your Morecambe event. Just don’t forget to take a walk along the seafront after, because the chances are that you will have eaten far too much!