Hog Roast Market Drayton

Market Drayton is near to the border of Wales lying on the River Tern. Near Market Drayton is an aptly named stone ring and it is nicknamed The Devil’s Ring and Finger. It is more than likely the remains of an ancient tomb.

We at hog roast Market Drayton are used to a village steeped in history and it is the ideal place to have a team building event. For a team building breakfast how about a hog on a roll it can be any one of a selection of meats we have to offer from lamb to beef or how about a choice of two with our homemade burgers with condiments. You can be sure we at hog roast Market Drayton will provide a hearty meal before a cold winter morning orienteering. For a grander occasion how about a hog roast, or one of our free range chickens, a range of salads, maybe jacket potato wedges and vegetables followed by a dessert such as lemon cheesecake or apple pie and custard. If it is for a wedding and you want to push the boat out try pre dinner drinks and canapés. We are well known for our canapés which can include Chinese or Indian starts. Do you have friends who are vegetarian we could do a nice quiche or lasagne or how about a fish dish some people just don’t eat meat because they don’t like it. We can cater for private parties, fundraisers or corporate events as we have different sized hog roast machines. The hog roast machine can also cook chickens, barbecues and cook vegetables as well. A hog roast becomes a centre piece of the party almost a talking point and for fundraisers they help boost ticket sales. I will hand you over to Kirsty a customer.

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For my son Tom’s twenty first I decided to do my own hog roast he just loves beef so along with the machine we got our meat from hog roast hire Market Drayton and he loved it. His friends got all excited whilst watching the hog roast cook it was well basically a talking point and I did potatoes with herbs and an American salad. Hog roast hire Market Drayton delivered the machine they showed me how to use it and I picked it up in 7 or 8 minutes. The beef was so tender and the rolls from the hog roast so fresh it melted in my mouth. Once it was set up virtually cooked on it’s own I checked it from time to time leaving me time to socialise. Aunty Gwen was funny she tried dancing to Beyonce- his friends showed her the dance and she soon picked it up. She came back saying that she had shaken her booty. Uncle Stan bought Tom a bright, red jumper poor old Tom was mortified as Uncle Stan made him try it on. I paid for him to go on holiday with his best friend to Greece. Oh! Another thing while I remember the hog roast machines are regularly checked so they pass health and safety standards and are CE marked.

Try Moreton Corbet castle for a day out it is the ruin of a castle that was started in the 13th century and had bits added top it up to the 16th century, it was the home of the Corbet Family. It is free and is open during the hours of daylight. Now for somewhere to stay there is the Fours Alls Country Inn, cottages, Wharf Caravan Park and more traditional hotels. Funnily enough the Four Alls In when translated is a comment on how society was seen in medieval times

The King: "I rule all" The Priest: "I pray for all" The Knight: "I fight for all"

The Peasant: "I pay for all".

With over 15 places to eat including inns and cafes that sell local produce you are spoilt for choice. There is also the Festival Drayton Centre which acts as a cinema and a venue for live acts. On a Wednesday there is a market that in times long bye was also a famous Damson Fair. Ask the locals about local ‘Poddy’ Podmore a local petty criminal our most celebrated resident in 70s and 80s or Sandbrooks Vaults that delayed its opening due to ghosts anyone will tell you the full story. It is all happening in Market Drayton so come and join us you can either call us or contact us through the website.