Hog Roast Malpas

Do you enjoy your job as much as I do? Well, I hope you do because I love my job as hog roast hire Malpas caterer that I am not sure that there is anything else that I would like to do more. I think this has to be one of the most rewarding jobs that there is and I am so glad that I decided to grasp the chance of serving the folk of Malpas as their hog roast caterer.

As you know, Malpas is not the biggest village in the world but when it comes to great catering, I like to think that thanks to me, they are very well catered for indeed. My work as a hog roast hire Malpas caterer means I get to most lots of new people every week, not just here but in the surrounding areas...and given the fact that I am such a sociable person, this really makes me happy.

I decided to become a hog roast Malpas caterer some six years ago. I had been invited to wedding a few miles down the road. This wasn't any old wedding but quite a big affair at a very very posh hotel. It was a no expense spared affair, the sort that not many people can afford in these austerity days. Still, I was not complaining, I loved big occasions like this and I was going to enjoy every moment. It really was a lavish affair with a live band and hundreds of guests...but the biggest surprise of all was the food. Now I, like many others, was expecting to see a very classy meal served at the wedding breakfast such as a prime cut of beef or an exotic fish...but instead, it was a hog roast. I had never been to a hog roast event before and at first I thought this was a bit of a joke, but this only showed how ignorant I was of how wonderful hog roast can be in such a setting. The hog roast chef very professionally carved the meat to produce totally exquisite plates of wonderful looking food that were completely in keeping with the day's events. And as for the taste, well it was divine. Far and away the best wedding meal I had ever tasted.

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I was hooked. What a fantastic job the chef had. I simply had to look into how I could become a hog roast Malpas caterer and get to serve up wonderful food like this myself. Well, I achieved my goal of doing just that and I am know in the very lucky position of serving people with incredible tasting hog roast on a weekly basis. I say weekly, but sometimes it is more often than that, as the popularity of hog roast has gone through the roof in recent years. I can't put my finger on the exact reason why it has become so popular but I think that there maybe two good reasons. Firstly is the fact that people are recommending hog roast to family and friends. I know that a lot of my work comes from recommendation - which is really good as it means people love what I do. I also think that coverage on TV of cooks talking about traditional cooking has helped a lot as hog roast really is a very traditional and wholesome meal that relies on simple yet quality ingredients.

Quality ingredients don't come much bigger and better than the local pigs I choose for each Malpas event I caterer for! I think choosing the pig for each event is one of my favourite aspects of being a hog roast caterer. There is something very special about carefully selecting the meat you are going to use for an event. With a hog roast, I have to not only pick a good sized pig that is just right for the number of diners but also choose one that has a good level of fat. This is important as it helps flavour the meat and stops the meat from drying out because six hours is a pretty long time for cooking a joint of meat. It is absolutely heavenly though when it is cooked. I can tell just from the incredible aromas that it is superb...but when the guests tuck in and I see their faces then I definitely know that it is just right. So, you never know, one of my Malpas hog roasts could be just what your event or special occasion needs.