Hog Roast Lyndhurst

To many people, Lewis Carroll’s book ‘Alice’s adventures in wonderland’ is a masterpiece whilst to others it is something of an oddity. What you may not know is that much of Carroll’s inspiration for the story came from a young lady by the name of Alice Liddell, and the charming Hampshire village of Lyndhurst is where Alice Liddell was laid to rest in 1934. Carroll’s book is a much studied piece of work and Alice Liddell will always be remembered for her part in its creation. Lyndhurst itself is a lovely village with a character all of its own with a pleasant village centre and some truly wonderful buildings including the Queen’s house and St Michaels and All Angels Church.

If you are one of the near three thousand people who live in and around Lyndhurst then there are is a god chance that, from time to time, you may have been invited to a special occasion or two. If so, you may have noticed something of a new trend emerging with regards to the catering at these events. Hog roast Lyndhurst events are starting to prove quite popular and it is fair to say that this is a trend that is spreading across the UK. It seems that party and event organisers have started to look back into history for inspiration when it comes to catering solutions and one such solution that ticked all the right boxes was the humble Medieval hog roast. This is why the hog roast hire Lyndhurst chef is now a very much in demand character indeed!

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Now, if you are in the early stages of organising an event of your own, be it a birthday party, anniversary, wedding reception or a garden party, you will want to definitely consider the benefits making your event a hog roast Lyndhurst event. When you consider everything that hog roast has to offer then you will find it very hard to choose anything else! Let us consider the evidence in favour of hog roast.

Hog roast tastes amazing, but why is it so tasty? What is the secret that makes it such a remarkable feast? Well, a big part of that is down to the work of the hog roast hire Lyndhurst chef, who knows exactly what sort of pig you need to make the perfect hog roast. We are talking about a whole pig here so the chef needs to choose very carefully. This is why they always go to a local and well respected supplier who only deals in quality meat. The chef will be the first to tell you that any great meal is only as good as the ingredients and hog roast is no exception to this rule. Top quality meat always shines through and it is this that lifts hog roast above most other catering foods.

You then have the added benefit of slow roasting, something that cannot be underestimated. Slow roasting is really important when cooking a meat such as a whole pig. It allows the flavours to really mature and help produce the totally distinctive taste that hog roast is so famous for. It also creates incredible aromas that will have all of your Lyndhurst guests licking their lips in anticipation. Slow roasting really is slow, mind. It can take six long hours to fully cook a whole pig, but I can guarantee that every single minute will be worth it!

Hog roast is a big food! A whole pig is a sight to behold and it looks really impressive on the hog roast machine as the chef finishes off the cooking and then carves in front of everyone. So big a food is hog roast that a standard sized pig can feed a small army. Well, at least a hundred Lyndhurst folk, which makes hog roast incredibly good value for money, keeping your cost per head as low as possible. Despite this, your guests are still getting a top quality meal that has been freshly cooked over six hours. That really is something quite special and a welcome change from the old catering options. There is even the option to serve your hog roast in a formal or informal style. Hog roast hot rolls with apple sauce and crackling are a big favourite with many people but gourmet hog roast dinners are also becoming very popular, especially at wedding receptions.

Hog roast has so much to offer that it simply cannot be ignored. Make sure you make your event a Lyndhurst hog roast spectacular.