Hog Roast Lightwater

Like many of the smaller towns nestled in the countryside of the South of England, Lightwater is a place of gorgeous natural beauty. While it has grown relatively rapidly since the last mid-century, its still retains the natural and rustic charm associated with a typical, traditional British village.

Having only been a village for a comparatively short time, Lightwater was recorded in the early 1900s as only a farm on maps of the area. Like a good deal of settlements close to the capital city, the village owes much of is growth to the last mid century, from about 1960. Londoners at the time, a little weary of the hustle and bustle of their home town, were looking for a pretty place to stay in holiday homes or chalets not far from the capital city. Thus Lightwater became a popular area to stay for its tranquility, and eventually housing estates were built for those who wanted to stick around permanently.

The village often expects snowfall when winter creeps into the surrounding countryside, and the blanket of snow over the trees and houses around the proud war memorial and little rose garden is certainly one of the prettiest things to be seen. The weather does not perturb our caterers though; a hog roast Lightwater is versatile in that it suits any season of the year. In fact, at the chilliest times of year, the warmth and satisfaction a hog roast Lightwater can provide at your gathering brings spirits and morale up high, no matter what the weather. It could be pouring down outside and just the sight of party guests or relatives huddling up to take a slice of roasting hog gives a sense of comfort which can be expected with the anticipation of a hearty, British meal.

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Food is always important at any kind of social gathering; and imagine the grandeur of a full, roasted pig browned to perfection at the centrepiece. Since medieval times, the image of a pig roasting on a spit has evoked images of richness, hospitality, and mouthwatering taste. Not to mention that distinctive, rich scent to get those stomachs rumbling!

In a little village like Lightwater, the sense of community is strong by default; it's no wonder that we find ourselves catering to smaller places like this where the cheerful and sharing nature of the community draws each citizen to each others hospitality. If you're somebody who spends most of their time at a party brandishing a pair of tongs over a barbeque, our hog roast hire Lightwater option will be perfect for you. We supply everything you need; delivery of the machine itself and necessary pieces, a full bottle of gas for the machine and the meat itself (although, of course you can use your own). We will also pick up the used machine later on, when you have finished with it and all your guests are full. And don't worry about being left with a machine you don't know how to use; we offer full instructions, or some tips for those of you who have used a hog roasting machine before so you get the pride of cooking a perfect hog every time. And since our machines are expertly designed to cook the meat perfectly, you can expect an abundance of compliments from your guests every time.

Our professional hog roast machines are not difficult to use, look fantastic and can be used to cook plenty of other meats too. If you don't want pork, there's chicken, lamb, beef and turkey to choose from; perhaps even choose two so your guests have plenty to choose from. Perfect for lazy summer nights on the Surrey downs, or something to warm you up on those brisk, crisp British winter afternoons in Lightwater, or indeed anywhere else!

One question we are often asked is; do we cater for vegetarians? Of course, the actual hog roast we provide is catered towards carnivores! But we offer a great selection of fine vegetarian food for your event in; starters, canapes and memorable meat-free mains, so absolutely everybody has something to tempt their taste buds. We don't think restrictive diets should be a restriction at your event!

Lightwater may seem like a small and sleepy village, but we have delivered hog roast hire Lightwater services and catered in villages and towns of all sizes. It doesn't matter where you are; there's not an event that can be made even more memorable with the presence of the great, theatrical talking point that a full roasting hog provides!