Hog Roast Leighton Buzzard

For a Leighton Buzzard hog roast fix you've come to the right place. Chef and griddle is the most active provider of professionally made hog roast catering in Leighton Buzzard. When your hog roast Leighton Buzzard event is over and you've seen the power of a hog roast and how it sends guests into a culinary frenzy you'll be thanking your lucky stars that it was us you turned to for your catering. That goes for any event. Weddings, house warming parties, charity money-raisers, we hog roast for them all, smashing all obstacles to give your event immeasurable flavour and flair.

A hog roast by our company is a guaranteed gastronomic spectacle, a spit roast meat with mouth watering qualities, the likes of which you'll probably never see or taste again... Not unless you become a repeat customer like a good percentage of people we've catered for.

Our website is a 'who's who' of hog roasting event catering, detailing every menu and service package that you can book from Spitting Pig. We're not one of those companies that will woo you with big words and then demand you contact them for menu packages to give an impression of exclusivity and prestige, what you see with Chef and griddle is what you get and what you get is the best menus on full display for anybody who wants them. There's no minimum plate count with us, we'll make you a hog roast no matter who you are or how many people are planned for your event, it could be 10 it could be 1,000.

As we said, our menus are live and online and you can take a look at them for yourselves whenever you feel like it, saving you huge amounts of time and wait as you'll know when you see our menus whether Chef and griddle is the right hog roast Leighton Buzzard caterer for your event. We can make bespoke menus for an event too though, but for that you will need to call us.

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Chef and griddle catering is the best there is also for, believe it or not, vegetarians, people with allergies and others who can't eat our regular menu meals for whichever reason. Guests often tell us of their outright shock that a caterer specialising in roasting pigs and other whole meats can make the best non-meat and alternative dishes. Be it a meat free, nut free or gluten free dish, we make ours with the same dose of expertise and culinary excellence as we do our spit roasts. No man or woman left behind is our culinary motto when booked for a catering job.

The chef and griddle service is famed for more than just its food, our waitresses, drinks bar and front of house service are legendary in their own right, and that's not forgetting the favourability of the boys and girls in our office, who've helped many a customer in planning their events. You'll see from our testimonials and reviews across the internet a trend develop, it's not only that we make undoubtedly tasty hog roasts, time and time again it comes back to our superior people skills and sheer professionalism.

Your spectacular hog roast can be cooked and served in an outdoor or indoor location, our catering shines in both settings, even if the sun sometimes can't be bothered! Outdoor catering in summer for a barbecue is always popular, a lot of people choose a hog roast hire Leighton Buzzard from us for that too.

We keep a large supply of hog roast machines to drive our thriving hog roast hire business. If you want to hire a machine you'll be making a stellar choice let me tell you. It doesn't take much work to make a Hog roast hire location, you can buy a pig from us with the machine for a little extra cost or you can supply that yourself, there's lots of great butchers in the area that can supply whole animals for you, we'll even give you advice on a few if you need.