Hog Roast Leigh

Hog roast catering around Leigh is always interesting. The town is large, with a traditional town centre and daily outdoor and indoor markets. There are a lot of shops in the town centre and a retail park on the old Parsonage Colliery site very close to the town centre. Leigh Sports Village has an arena, stadium, college and sports facilities. The main landmarks in Leigh are the parish church, Leigh Town Hall and the Obelisk that replaced the original market cross. There are several large multi-storey cotton mills built along the Bridgewater Canal, dating from Leigh's textile industry past.

We are hog roast caterers in Leigh. We provide an excellent catering service, including decorations, bread rolls and condiments as standard. We also provide hog roast hire Leigh for those who want to do it themselves; you can hire a hog roast machine from us. So if you’re looking for hog roast Leigh or hog roast hire Leigh, we’re the team for you.

Hog roast catering is definitely fun, and you get to meet all sorts of interesting people. We are always busy here at hog roast Leigh. Today, for example, we catered for a birthday party at a local hotel near the centre of Leigh. We got there relatively early, put up the balloons (blue, as the client had requested), and wheeled in the hog roast machine. Then we put the heavy roast into the machine, where it began to turn steadily. It smelled great. Then as the guests began to arrive, we showed them to their seats and filled their glasses. My favourite part of the evening is always the carving of the roast, and serving the roast. The carving is almost like a mini event in itself, and we try to make it look good. The delicious aroma as you carve (if you’re the one carving) is really good, too…but it makes you wish you could take a bite. Serving the roast is another of my favourite moments, because you get to see how much people enjoy the food you create. It takes time and effort in our kitchens to prepare the hog roasts and bring out their taste. Here at hog roast Leigh we also use applesauce and spices to enhance the flavour of our roasts. And the end point of all that preparation is people’s enjoyment when they taste it. Also, for many people it is their first ever taste of hog roast.

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Afterwards, we cleaned up everything and put all the furniture back. Our client said we’d done a good job. I never get tired of compliments, to be honest.

Shortly afterwards, we had a delivery to make to a family celebration; it was a party for someone finally becoming a journalist. They’d hired out a room at a leisure centre. It was the first time we had delivered a hog roast machine to a leisure centre, as it’s more common for people to hire out rooms in community centres and pubs. But there’s a first time for everything, I guess. The leisure centre was in another part of Leigh, but not all that far from where we were. It was very easy to find. We checked the machine was working, which we always do at hog roast hire Leigh. As their hog roast was already there, we helped the clients put it in the machine. The roast smelled good, though not as good as our roasts. I suggested that they use a bit of applesauce to really bring out the taste.

And yesterday we catered for a corporate event in a big hotel in Leigh. We put up balloons in the company colours and arranged the furniture to the Event Manager’s satisfaction. The event went very well, and our team received compliments from the guests about the roast. All our roasts come with crackling and applesauce, and that makes them extra tasty; tender, juicy, and rich in flavour.

We definitely get to cater and hire for all sorts of events here at hog roast Leigh. I think that the best thing about hog roast catering are the opportunities to meet different people and cater for a wide variety of events, from birthday parties and anniversaries to corporate events, retirement parties to weddings. We’ve catered for local authority bodies and charities as well. Hog roast catering is a rewarding career; it may be hectic but I thoroughly enjoy it; I have a great team behind me, too, and our success is all thanks to them.