Hog Roast Knaresborough

Hog Roast Knaresborough is the hot ticket in town, cooking and serving hot and fresh seriously succulent hog roasts, giving wedding, party and business events just the crucial spark that's needed to make certain success.

The food we make for events is truly wonderful but we're of the belief that half the battle is won in what we do before putting food on plates. The presentation and professionalism of our chefs, the friendly helpfulness of our office staff when you're making plans for hog roasts in Knaresborough, but where we think we're really winning the battle and one-upping our competitors is with the visual extravaganza of our hog roasts. Even before the chef takes to serving the food we've already won the hearts and minds of your guests, they've seen the impressive whole pig roasting on a grand, stainless steel machine and now they're hooked. Once they've got to taste the hog roast then it's signed, sealed and delivered that we're the table-toppers of the catering Premier League.

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To get a true picture of hog roast Knaresborough you only have to take one look at our menu section to see what we’re about. On the menu section you’ll find spit roast lamb, spit roast chicken, spit roast turkey and spit roasted sirloin of beef as well as our spit pig option. But wait, there’s more still, as for a mains option you can also choose an authentic chicken kebab or both chefs gourmet sausage and 100% British beef burgers.

And that’s just for starters as you’ll soon see so many of our menus have actual starters, canapés, desserts, salads and potato sides to accompany your hog roast. Each menu we offer is irresistible in its own right and when you see a menu you like you'll be on the phone pleading with us to make authentic hog roast at your event.

Hog roasting is an indoor and outdoor activity without any quality differential no matter where or for how many the hog roast is for - and that’s what makes it such an attractive proposition. We’re using durable, state of the art machines which we built exclusive for chef and griddle catering so you can have a hog roast in the heart of town or out in the ‘middle of nowhere’ and it'll be mouth watering without exception.

There is no known bounds to our catering, we’ve cooked for thousands of people in the past and have always finished the job in elite fashion. Truly, we’re a catering company fit for any occasion and any size.

We can also offer you several 'Do it Yourself' hog roast hire Knaresborough packages. What we mean by that is that for your event or your business you can hire a hog roast machine from us. The machines are unique we manufacture them for excellence and efficiency, making it the perfect hog roast machines to hire or buy. Hire periods for a machine do vary from a daily hire period to a weekly hire to our monthly hire. It is also possible to hire indefinitely at a better rate than the monthly hire, so don't hesitate to ask about long term hire if you're running a business and can see yourself needing a hog roast machine for a while, but might not perhaps have the funds to buy one.

Even if you’re just weighing up the options for your event and aren’t entirely sold there is no harm in using the phone to call us; in fact we’d love the opportunity to impress you with our warm professionalism that’s as present in our office as it is at any party, corporate gig or wedding.