Hog Roast Ilminster

Happy New Year from the blustery town of Ilminster! We visited Ilminster to cater for a New Year’s Eve party at the home of an elderly couple. This pretty little countryside town is filled with interesting little shops. One of the loveliest shop fronts belongs to Dyers’, a beautiful clothes store with traditional Victorian features, a visit there made me feel like I’d gone back in time. Ilminster is also home to the arts centre at the meeting house where they hold Antiques and vintage collectibles fair which I should get chance to visit when we have our next Ilminster hog roast party. The Arts centre is based in what used to be a Unitarian Chapel and there are some lovely buildings in the area, making it a nice walk around the little town. The party didn’t start till eight so the hog roast Ilminster catering team had time to have a look around the charming town before the evening’s work began.

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The menu was custom designed by the couple for the occasion and included a variety of different finger foods for their variety of different guests! Traditional party food such as mini pizzas and Peking duck wraps were just some of the dishes on offer. However, the favourite finger food of the night had to be the mini Yorkshire pudding filled with beef and a dash of horseradish sauce. The delightfully crisp puddings coupled with the tender beef are mouth-watering. Despite their depth of flavour and their previous success at other parties, I was slightly surprised that within half an hour they were all gone! It turned out that a handful of the children had decided that the Yorkshires were so good; they had taken plates full and sat under the buffet table stuffing their faces! Rest assured, we made plenty more and everyone had a chance to sample a few before we moved onto the main course which was the melt in the mouth whole hog roasted pig. The crackling is one of our specialities and was another hit with the guests (although none of it disappeared under the table this time).

The dessert assortment was cleared away just in time for the New Year countdown. By the time midnight struck the sky was so dark that the fireworks, sparklers and beautifully lit rotisserie provided the only light to welcome in the New Year. The crackling of the flames sounded magical accompanied by the singing of Auld Lang Syne. We listened to the twelve dongs of the bells of the Church of St Mary (also known as the Minster Church and another piece of lovely architecture, dating back to the 15th century which many of us had admired during the day) . Champagne was on hand to raise a toast to 2013 and a few of the guests decided that a hog roast in a roll was the perfect breakfast choice for the New Year. There was still plenty of hog roast cuisine for everyone to continue celebrating into the early hours of the morning and our staff remained on hand to cook and serve until the last guest had left.

The New Year’s party went with a bang and was so successful; we left with three bookings for hog roast hire Ilminster. As a company, we also provide machine hire and while the guests were wowed by our menu, they thought that hog roasting looked like such good fun; they wanted to give it a go themselves! Hiring a hog roast machine is a much cheaper option than many people think and adds something special to any occasion. Roasting the meat on a spit roast offers a lovely personal touch, whether you choose to hire our staff or opt for trying it out for yourself. As part of the hog roast hire Ilminster team, it’s great to share the excitement of hog roasting with members of the public and it’s surprisingly easy to successfully cook your own roast. Our team have a brilliant selection of meats on offer for you to roast on your very own spit.

So Happy New Year to you all from the Chef and Griddle team, we hope to see many of you for a hog roast Ilminster to celebrate your special occasions in 2013!