Hog Roast Huddersfield

The folks of the North of England are renound for their no nonsense approach and the hog roast Caterers of Huddersfield would quite agree. There is no faffing around with tiny mouse sized portions of food: when you are served by the hog roast Huddersfield caterers you get hearty, wholesome, nourishing cuts of meat all made with their own hog roast oven.

Huddersfield is a beautiful town set in the majestic hills of the North of England and dotted with rocky outcrops. The whole area broods with a Heathcliff – like drama. But Huddersfield is also a vibrant place, home to a thriving university and teeming with colourful young people. Huddersfield is also well know for its famous rugby club and when we were asked to come along with our hog roast Huddersfield services and cater for a reunion evening, we were delighted: not least because rugby players have very big appetites!

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We were asked to provide a buffet style service so that the guests could come to and from the serving area in their own time and still be able to mingle if they chose while they ate their food. We spit roasted an entire pig with plenty of crackling (as requested) and served a selection of our delicious starters and salads. Our well trained serving staff joined us to help with filling plates and of course cleaning up when the party was finished.

We received lots of compliments at the rugby club, not only on the quality of our great meat and accompanying dishes, but on the unique nature of our hog roast oven. Hog roasting is still considered a little out of the ordinary, but plenty can testify to the delicious results it gives.

There is a lot to be said for our hog roast Huddersfield oven. It is gas powered which makes indoor catering as easy as outdoor catering. It also gives our talented chefs a much greater level of control when roasting and the fully motorised rotor attached to the spit pole means we produce beautiful evenly cooked meat every time. The four sturdy wheels, one at each corner, mean gaining access to the chosen venues is no problem either and because it can fit through most standard doorways, we just wheel it in and start cooking!

Another of the really great things about our hog roast Huddersfield services is that they where designed with versatility in mind. The result of this is that we have many different attachments that can be added and removed according to what is being cooked. For example a great addition is the barbeque tray. This great piece of kit means we can now cook smaller cuts of meat, kebabs and vegetables to accompany the main dish.

Such flexibility enables to us to cater for a whole range of events providing diverse and interesting menus. So if you are considering hosting an event this year, why not give us a call and we will make your event a feat for the eyes as well as the taste buds!