Hog Roast Hornchurch

I was asked to cater a hog roast in Hornchurch at a celebration called Battle of Britain Day. Hornchurch used to be home to an RAF airfield during World War II and so is happy to be the place which honours the veterans of that war.

I have been a hog roast caterer for a few years now and I am always happy to be part of any type of tradition which honours those who fought for this wonderful country of ours. I immediately said yes to the job and began to plan for a fabulous hog roast Hornchurch.

The name Hornchurch came about from the one church the town had all those millennia ago. Apparently, it had some sort of feature which looked, to the townsfolk, like horns and so the church itself was called the Horned Church. Strange but true! Hornchurch was a prosperous place way back then with agriculture and leather being its mainstays. Later on though, brewing took over as well as foundries for the making of such varied items as farm equipment, roof tiles, and drainpipes. It remained a small village until 1885, which saw the railway come to town. This created growth which continues to this day. Currently, Hornchurch is home to well-to-do commuters who work in 'The City'.

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Hog roast Hornchurch was to be situated at the country park which stands on the very sight of the old WWII airfield. There was to be entertainment and plenty for the kids to do, but also ceremonies acknowledging veterans, and exciting flypasts as well.

I brought along my Zeus hog roasting machine, which I purchased from The Spitting Pig Company when I first set out on my own as a hog roast caterer. The Zeus is a fantastically reliable machine, easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to manoeuvre. It's all all-round must have at any large event.

The Zeus has dual roasting facilities, so that I can roast in the oven as well as on the spit. I purchased a locally-grown hog at around 50kg and as soon as I arrived and got the marquee and machine set up and ready, I simply scored it, rubbed it with herbs, spices, salt and oil, and we hoisted it up on the spit. I then set up a table nearby with fresh rolls and other things that make hog roast a special meal, indeed, such as applesauce and stuffing, and sauces, too.

I often choose to call on the hog roast hire Hornchurch services of The Spitting Pig Company. They work easily with individuals who wish to set up an event as well as caterers such as myself who need a little assistance in one way or another. They serve only the finest, organic foods, and have lovely menus to select from. However, this time, with hog roast Hornchurch being an outdoor event; and with only a basic understanding of how many people would be turning up, we decided to go it alone and not use the hog roast hire Hornchurch services that are so easily available.

I find that every time the meat is on its way to perfection, it begins to attract people to the marquee. It's not just the aromas, either. People are curious about the machine mostly and admire the beauty and simplicity of that beast, as well as the one on the spit! They ask about the cost, the business, and the ingredients and methods used to make the meat perfect. I don't waste this opportunity either, and ensure I hand out my business card to all who are interested. I do wonder how many hog roast caterers I may have set out on their own roads, as hog roasting is becoming so very popular nowadays. It's not just delicious, but healthy, too, as all the fat drips off the meat into a drip tray, which handily enough, is easy to clean. The meat remains tasty, lean and moist as well. Even cheaper, tougher cuts of meat do well when roasted in this manner. Slow-cooking seems to make everything taste better.

With Battle of Britain Day well underway, I was able to actually get out and about and enjoy a bit of the celebration. I certainly did not want to miss the flypast as it consisted of both the Red Arrows and some older flying machines in formation. What a sight! Hats off to those brave men who fought to keep this country free!