Hog Roast Halstead

Halstead is an engaging little town famous for its weaving of silk and crepe. It's been an historic market town since before 1251 when it was granted its Royal Charter by the King. As well, during WWII, in 1939, Halstead played host to over 4,000 evacuees. This was an event that took place at many towns and cities across England at the time, but the Halstead story remains today as an amazingly successful one.

Halstead was given notice at 6:45pm one evening of those 4,000 people arriving by train. They would be arriving by morning! And in true English spirit, the townsfolk rallied and successfully arranged for billeting of each individual into warm and welcoming homes. Initially, they were all fed and watered on rations that arrived a day later. Stories exist today, written by some of the 1,000 children who arrived unaccompanied on that night and it shows them to all have been treated well, fed well, and kept in good health, as well as being allowed to wander the beautiful countryside surrounding Halstead. No one was made to feel unwelcome and as history shows, not one of the villagers gave any signs of being inconvenienced.

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I have been a hog roast caterer now for a number of years and was asked to cater a wedding reception for a local Halstead family at the lovely and large Bull Hotel in Halstead. I was already familiar with the layout at the Bull and was certain the setup of my Titan hog roasting machine would go smoothly and that everything would work well. I was given carte blanche of the kitchen that evening because, as luck would have it, the wedding reception had been scheduled for a time when the hotel's regular chef was unable to work. Therefore, I immediately contacted The Spitting Pig Company, as they offer a fantastic array of hog roast hire Halstead services. I spoke to them about what I was looking at in terms of event size and they were able to contact the family involved and arrange for a flexible and affordable menu to accompany the hog roast. Their hog roast hire Halstead packages can include not just fresh, organic menu choices, but also a chef, waiting-on staff and roasting machine as well. Their waiting-on staff are some of the best in the business as far as I'm concerned, being always well-presented and professional.

I set up my Titan just outside the back area of the hotel under my marquee in order to get Hog Roast Halstead on the go. I have always found the Titan to be a reliable machine, easy to use and easy to clean, with a high degree of manoeuvrability so that it can traverse even the roughest terrain in order to get where it needs to be. I immediately got the locally-sourced, 80 lb. hog scored and rubbed down with herbs and spices and put up on the spit. Since we were expecting 45 people for the dinner, I reckoned that was the right size hog to roast. All I needed to do was to contribute a beautifully roasted, moist and delicious hog to help make the event a success.

The Spitting Pig came in, and with the dining facilities already set up by management, they were able to put together their fabulous array of canap├ęs, starters, and salads. Part of their service is to help out once the wedding cake is cut by slicing it further and serving it out. They also include a few puddings into the menu just for variety such as profiteroles and a lemon tart.

And believe me, everything they served looked fantastic! The waiting staff served everyone drinks, and to start there were mini pizzas, gourmet sausages, and mushrooms bouchees. The salads were both standard Caesar as well as a Thai special salad. The hog was roasted to perfection and right on time. I made sure the slices were as uniform as possible and the Spitting Pig staff helped by putting each plate together with meat, herbed new potatoes and steamed green veg.

As far as I could see, this Hog Roast Halstead was turning out to be quite a success, with help from everyone concerned. I was pleased to be able to give a little something back to the fine, accommodating people of Halstead and I even had an opportunity or two to hand out my business card and hope that perhaps, someday I would be invited back to the Bull Hotel for another fun and fantastic event.