Hog Roast Gresford

Do you know, it seems like an awful long time ago since I set off down the path of becoming a hog roast hire Gresford caterer. I can only assume that is a good thing because they say time flies when you are having fun. Well, I am very definitely having fun as I have never enjoyed working as much as I have done since starting my work in this industry.

What more could you want from a job? I mean, I get to meet hundreds of new people every year, make them happy, keep them fed, have a laugh and share some of their happiest moments together. It can't get much better than that can it? Becoming a hog roast Gresford caterer really has been a great move for me. And to think I was inspired to choose this job after splitting up with my girlfriend!

It was a sad time of course so some friends invited me out with them one weekend. They were meeting some old school friends at a reunion and I think they were going to try and get me hooked up with someone. They failed in that respect but in another way, they did help find me a partner; a business partner. By that I mean hog roast. you see the reunion also had food laid on and that was courtesy of a hog roast chef. This was the first time I had been to a hog roast event and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The food tasted fantastic and certainly much better than the normal nonsense that is wheeled out for such events. I was very impressed, so much so that I decided to look into becoming the hog roast hire Gresford caterer myself. My friends thought I was nuts, mainly because they thought it was just me trying to get over my ex girlfriend, but I was serious. I loved how everyone seemed to really enjoy the hog roast and how they all got to see the hog roast cooking.

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Four years on and I am now well and truly established as the hog roast Gresford caterer and all the things I loved so much about that very first hog roast event I went to are what I love most about my job. In fact, I have already made sure that the next school reunion is going to use me as the chef.

I mentioned that I love how everyone can see the hog roast being cooked and this is my most favourite part of being a hog roast chef. There is something a little bit special when all the guests start coming in to an event and they see you carefully tending the whole pig that makes it very theatrical in a way. I always think it's like seeing the roadies setting up for a rock band before they come on stage. well, maybe it is not that exciting for the guests but that's how I imagine it and that is good enough for me.

I remember that reunion when I first saw the chef, I never realised how long it took them to cook a whole pig. I just assumed it was a reasonably quick thing to cook...but I have soon realised that I was very wrong. It makes sense that a whole pig should take a few hours to cook but I had absolutely no idea that a standard Gresford whole pig would take a full six hours to fully roast. I was amazed, but then you understand what's involved and you see why. It' was only when I learnt about the slow roasting process that I understood why it needed so long. It made sense that the fat helped stop the meat from drying up and that the time allowed the meat to soak up all the flavours from the bones. When I got my head around all that, It was plain sailing. Of course, it means some long hours for me and I am often at venues a good five hours early to set off the pig cooking but it does not bother me one bit, because I know that the results of my Gresford hog roast are going to be quality through and through.

If you found this page about hog roasting because you are looking for a local hog roast chef, well done. You really cannot go wrong with a Gresford hog roast. You will never want boring old event catering ever again!