Hog Roast Folkstone

There’s never a shortage of things to do in Folkstone. Folkestone harbour is a great place to spend a few hours with its jauntily coloured boats bobbing up and down on the water. Every once in a while one of the great old steam engines thunders past shaking the ground as it goes. There has been a racecourse at Folkestone for over one hundred years and this is also a great way to spend a day out.

The hog roast Folkstone caterers certainly thought so when they took their hog roast oven and set out to roast a pig for the hungry race goers. It takes around 6 hours to get a pig to that tender perfection our hog roast Folkstone machine achieves with such ease: so we got there early and by the time the racecourse had filled up with eager racing enthusiasts our hog roast Folkstone was beginning to waft gorgeous pork scented aromas around the course.

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Seeing someone spit roast a whole pig is a little different from the usual sight of burger vendors and hot dog stands, so we did draw quite a bit of attention. Folks were keen to understand how the hog roast Folkstone oven worked and we were happy to explain it to them. It is a gas powered unit which makes it much easier to control the temperature and the motorised rotor attached to the spit roast pole means that you get a beautiful evenly cooked pig which also produces a wonderful crackling ranging from really crunchy to a little bit chewy depending on your taste. Either way, we make the best crackling!

We were also able to explain how we can cook a variety of meat as well as our signature hog roast Folkstone pig, including lamb and beef. We have also an incorporated a barbeque tray which means that we can spit roast a pig and make kebabs simultaneously. We can even go as far as cooking up to 35 rotisserie style chickens at once.

Once the meat was cooked our customers were able to indulge themselves with cuts of tender roasted pork served in soft. Floury rolls with a choice of apple sauce, stuffing and crackling….or all three if they chose!

Because we specialise in mobile catering, our hog roast oven is easily transportable and will fit through most standard doorways. This means that we can literally bring it with us anywhere we are asked to cater. And our specialised gas power means we can cater inside and the only smell we create will be that of delicious roasting meats. And with our great hog roast oven we can cater for very large parties right down to smaller intimate ones.

Our commitment to quality of produce is only rivalled by our commitment to the quality of our service: so whether your event is a small private party or a large formal function, why not consider giving the hog roast Folkstone caterers a call and complimenting your event with all the pageantry of a hog roast.