Hog Roast Felixstowe

Britain is full of scenic towns and villages, I think we are fully aware of that. It is also home to amazing powerhouses of business, too. So where do you put Felixstowe in that equation? After all, the town itself is very charming place but it is also the largest container port in the United Kingdom. So, as you can see, Felixstowe is town of contrasts.

Contrasts also exist in the town’s catering solutions, too, but these are sometimes with mixed results, because some people still feel the need to serve up decidedly lacklustre food at events such as birthdays, christenings and anniversaries rather than explore for something a little more exciting and unusual., Well, with the increasing interest in hog roast Felixstowe events, that could soon be about to change. Thank goodness for that.

Yes, it does sound a bit odd but hog roast hire Felixstowe events seem to be taking hold in this region of Suffolk and indeed in many parts of the UK. It seems to have finally sunk in with some event organisers that you don’t need to be a millionaire to enjoy great tasting, freshly cooked food that looks amazing. You simply need a bit of common sense. Hog roast Felixstowe common sense!

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Book a hog roast hire Felixstowe caterer for that forthcoming special event and you are going to save yourself an incredible amount of hassle. Just think about it, you will not have to worry one bit about the food for your event because the caterer will have it all covered...and that won’t be with cling film! That’s right, hog roast is the answer to a wide range of catering dreams and the end to many a special occasion dining nightmare. We have all shared the nightmare, the dried up barmcakes, the cheese and pineapple on sticks that look like they were made a week ago, the cold meats, the tepid pizza...I could go on. At long last, hog roast has brought us a fantastic alternative.

Hog roast may seem like a new saviour but it is one of the oldest catering solutions around, dating back to Medieval times in fact. And even then, it was entertaining some of society’s finest with superb tasting fresh cooked meat. But that was a long time ago. Fast forward a few centuries and hog roast looked like it was disappearing off the face of the planet, but now it is making a new name for itself...and it may just be that we can thank television for saving the hog roast.

TV chefs may be much maligned but they do seem to know what they are talking about when it comes to cooking great food. They should do, let’s face it. They charge good money for their food and sell millions of books so it’s no surprise that they have their finger on the pulse when it comes to food. Over the last few years, many of these chefs have been waxing lyrical about the importance of using the very best ingredients you possible can when cooking from scratch. Whether this is corn fed, free range chicken or organic vegetables, they argue that every good ingredient makes a huge difference to the outcome of the meal. Well, hog roast is a great example of finding a quality ingredient and cooking it properly to get the ultimate in flavour. The Felixstowe hog roast chef knows this very well and this is why each and every hog roast event they cater for uses a great quality pig that they personally select from their specially chosen local supplier. They only use the best well reared pigs with just the right amount of fat on them (for the crackling, you know).

And it does not stop there. The cooking process is equally important to the success of a great hog roast. That’s why we have helped out with a little development of our own, the hog roasting machine. This wonderful piece of equipment may look unassuming but it allows the hog roast chef the perfect opportunity to perfectly cook the pig in a controlled and smart setting, not only creating great tasting meat but enabling your guests to see the pig cooking in all its glory. Quite brilliant really, your guests will love it. And with a typical pig feeding over a hundred people, there’s more than enough to go around. Great tasting meat, freshly cooked for all to see and admire, all using the best possible ingredients. That’s a Felixstowe hog roast for you!