Hog Roast Edmonton

Edmonton is a genial suburb in Outer London. It has a relatively modest population of 800,000 within 150km space, much of this being green belt. The south and the north have a distinct divide due to the south having a much more rural setting in comparison to the north which is more urban. Recently, we have had the pleasure to cater for a wonderful wedding event that took place at a popular venue, and it’s not hard to see why, as it was stunning. The weather was picturesque with not a hint of grey in the blue sky. The bride looked wonderful, and it was clear that this was the happiest day of her life.

We catered for the evening buffet, making sure that everything was as perfect as could be on this couple’s important day. The lovely golden brown crispy hog roast was the centre piece, and it went down like a treat.

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The 3rd option wedding menu is always successful one and compliments came thick and fast from several guests, including the bride and groom on not only the service of food but the wide variety of our menu. I must say that this was one of the most enjoyable and special weddings I have catered for and its days like this that make what we do such a rewarding experience.

We understand how important a wedding day is, a sacred moment between two people shared with those closest to them. Being the perfectionists in every regard, we couldn’t have been more delighted with how everything went, from the front of house to general organisation and of course, the catering.

As we come to a close to this not so sunny summer, it’s not too early to begin planning events for the festive period. Remember we cater for any event large or small, corporate or private, with the same attention to detail and perfectionism in everything we do. All dishes served at your wedding are prepared fresh on-site, and that’s true for every menu. When finished catering at your wedding hog roast Edmonton and your guests have finished the food, we’ll clear away rubbish in a discrete manner and take it off site. We’re always conscious of this process and are extraordinarily quiet, so not to cause distraction while leaving.

If you ring up today to book a hog roast Edmonton you’ll be assigned the chef for the evening who can help you with the entire event process and will be here to give you advice and opinion on the event so that it’s as good as it can be. Which is why when people book hog roast Edmonton they love staying in contact with us, because we don’t mind speaking to our customers and helping you however we can do. Even if you just want