Hog Roast Ealing

Hog roasting should be your first catering choice and we'll tell you why - because it ticks all the boxes required for a magical event. Quality in terms of food and service, when you invest in Chef and Griddle catering you're not just booking yourself the best in Ealing, you're booking the best in the country. The same is true of our hog roast hire Ealing service.

We overwhelm your guests with magnificent hog roast Ealing food, our hog roasts might as well be considered culinary shock and awe, they have an amazingly powerful effect, never failing to bring about smiles on faces. We roast fresh pigs for a supreme taste by giving our hog roast chefs the absolute best in quality hog roast equipment, they can't wait to come to work everyday with the titanic hog roast machines that they get to use. For a hog roast enthusiast there's nothing better than getting behind one of our machines, the quality of them is unbelievably good. All these factors, the machines and the most talented up and coming and seasoned hog roast chefs in the country, lead to amazing results for you and your event.

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We've mastered the art of hog roast Ealing for weddings, hog roasting for partys and hog roasting for business breakfasts. For each of these we can send teams small and large to make sure that your event will will go better than you could have ever believed. Styling menus for each event type, tailoring them to every client, is what gives us an edge and it's a pronounced edge because our hog roasting is leaps and bounds better than anything else.

We never compromise on quality, your guests will see that even if they have specific dietary requirements that would require a gluten free meal, a nut free meal, or any other type of need or preference, such as vegetarian or kosher alternatives. We'll take care of all your requests, but be sure to let us known in advance so that we can make the necessary preperations for your event. The benefits of good produce can't be overstated. A great deal of our ingredients come from small farmers and suppliers, often from traditional British family farms. As caterers we take great interest in not just how good our food is but where it comes from, fortunately for us we find that the best produce comes from smaller farms, especially those who use good old fashioned free range farming practices. It doesn't hurt that the tastiest pigs all come from the most environmentally friendly farms! We also intentionally use seasonal produce, trying to keep it as local as possible, which is fantastic for the regional economy and even better for cutting out on emissions from international travel and the like.

We hog roast for all events, seminars, weddings, businesses lunches and about anything that you could name. There's no shortage of menus for any type of event. We love to take already special events and make them even more special, helping to make them truly unforgettable with stunning food that simply can't be understated. Our roast hogs are flavoursome on a whole new level. As a caterer we bring own catering equipment, from hog roast machines to cutlery, plates, serving tables and more. Everything you need will be provided with our package. We'll even take care of the drinks bar and front of house if you want both for your event.

With highly competitive prices, we simply can't be beaten as the best value caterer in Ealing. We're the proof that professional hog roasting can be affordable. For specific event prices we have free event estimates that we'll happily provide you, for several different packages if needed, by phone or email. You can also call us about hog roast hire on our regular name. Hog roast machine hire has served many clients well, for all times of year, hiring one for a new years party, a summer barbecue or a Halloween hog roast hire Ealing party. It's a truly great trait of hog roasting that makes it universally adored, that it's never out of place. Hog roasting is very neutral in that it's not associated or reserved for specific seasons. So you can hire a hog roast machine knowing that no matter the event you're hiring for it's going to be celebrated by your friends as a genius decision, they'll be thanking you come the events end if you hire a machine and treat them. You can also hire machines for your business. We deliver all year round and have a lot of books so call early to ensure a preferred delivery time.