Hog Roast Coggeshall

In 2001, Coggeshall in Essex boasted a population of 3,919 people. It's a bustling little town which owed its prosperity throughout much of the 19th and 20th centuries to the growing and wholesaling of seed. Prior to that, Coggeshall was known for its manufacture of the world famous Tambour Lace. It was once such a bucolic village that both Gainborough and Constable found inspiration there and preserved it for posterity through several paintings.

Each year Coggeshall holds a carnival and this year I was invited to attend this event as their hog roast caterer. I have been a hog roast caterer for a number of years now and am very excited to report that this style of cooking meats for outdoor events, corporate events, and even formal wedding receptions, is growing in popularity. Even unpredictable British weather can't put a stop to this fantastic way of cooking and presenting good, wholesome food, because it can be done under cover safely and easily.

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When I first began my business as a hog roast caterer, I was introduced to The Spitting Pig Company and it was from this firm that I purchased my first of two hog roasting machines. The Titan hog roaster is one of the best machines around for a number of reasons, but for me, its ease of use, durability and reliability are foremost. It also features special pneumatic tyres that allow for it to be taken over any type of terrain necessary, which is helpful for hog roasting on the beach and on grasslands that can sometimes be soggy.

I have to say, I was impressed with both the function and form of Coggeshall. It's a lovely town which is neatly tended and laid out. I found the people to be warm and welcoming. Their annual carnival is a well-attended event and features all the normal family-fun type events such as parades and floats and the presence of the British Legion, face-painting and cute baby contests – everything anyone could want in a two-day family event.

For my part, I decided to purchase two hogs, to be roasted one per day and both around 80 lbs. I set up under a marquee in case of inclement weather and began the day early. I scored and rubbed the beast and my assistant helped me to get it up on the spit. I filled the oven with whole potatoes to roast at the same time as the meat, and we were on our way to making Hog Roast Coggeshall a great success.

As I have said, The Spitting Pig Company provided the Titan hog roaster I was using this day. It is the mainstay of my business. From that first purchase I have been working, one could say, in partnership, with The Spitting Pig because they not only offer great machines for hire or purchase; but they offer bespoke hog roast hire Coggeshall services as well. Individuals can hire everything that is needed for a hog roast of their own, too. They offer me, as a caterer, not just waiting-on staff, but also fresh, organic menu items including everything from canapés to desserts, to supplement the meat that I roast. I normally require their hog roast hire Coggeshall package whenever I am catering a more formal event such as a wedding reception or corporate hospitality dinner. However, for this particular carnival, I reckoned I'd be able to handle it with just my one trusty assistant. This is a better option for an outdoor event when it's not immediately clear how many people one will need to serve.

As the meat got to roasting, we set up an adjacent table with fresh rolls and condiments to perfectly compliment any pork sandwich. I made sure there were plenty of tubs of homemade applesauce available as well as sage and onion stuffing, which always goes well on a roasted pork sandwich. As soon as the meat was done to perfection, I proceeded to slice it as uniformly as possible and these loaded plates were handed off to my assistant who was then able to put together sandwiches to order for the waiting crowds.

I find if I'm careful about how much I purchase, I never end an event out of pocket. There's always a good profit in a hog roast and there's always a lot of happy, satisfied people at the end of it, too. Based on this, I have to say that hog roast Coggeshall was a resounding success!