Hog Roast Clitheroe

As a hog roast caterer, our work has us travelling all around Clitheroe. Clitheroe is a town near the Forest of Bowland. We get a lot of tourists although it’s not a large town. This may have something to do with Clitheroe Castle, a Norman keep. It stands on a huge limestone rock base and has a hole in its side. Clitheroe Skate Park is still one of my favourite places to walk by, because it reminds me of when I was a teenager. My sister was crazy about skateboarding and she was one of the best in the neighbourhood. We didn’t live in Clitheroe, but the skate park me, my sister and our friends hung out at was also a split-level with a wide bowl, and similar to this one. Clitheroe has plenty of shops, including a lot of chain stores. It’s not a bad place to stay, and is relatively quiet.

Here at hog roast Clitheroe we do catering, which includes bread rolls and decorations; we also provide hog roast hire Clitheroe for those who prefer to do it themselves; you just can hire a hog roast machine from us. We get to meet a lot of different people in this business. There are some companies here with a staff of hundreds, so corporate events aren’t rare for us. Though we more often do weddings, birthdays, or hire out machines for house parties or to local pubs if they’re putting on a special or themed night. Yesterday we catered for a corporate event in one of the local hotels, and today we catered a birthday party. So there’s a lot of variety.

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Yesterday we arrived quite early to set the room up for the corporate event. When we do catering here at hog roast Clitheroe, we include balloons, serviettes, bread rolls, condiments; everything! The events manager collaborated with us a bit, then when we were done he said he was pleased. We carried the heavy roast in from the van and put it into the hog roast machine, where it began to turn and give off heat. We got chatting with the events manager until the guests stated to arrive, then my team were busy meeting and greeting them. I was pouring them drinks, and after everyone was seated and someone made a speech, we carved and served the roast. This is always my favourite moment of the job because I can really see how everyone is enjoying the roast that our kitchen staff took so long preparing for them, how all the ingredients, spices and sauces come together to form a perfect taste harmony. It’s like the end goal of all that work. Also, you get to be a part of a good experience, and help create that good experience, not only by providing the hog roast, but by giving great customer service too.

Over the years, our hog roast Clitheroe and hog roast hire Clitheroe team have helped make great weddings, retirement parties, charity fundraisers and all sorts of events. You get all sorts of events in Clitheroe.

Today we catered a birthday party in the community centre. It went really well and people really enjoyed themselves. It always brings a smile to my face. It was a great night, and still fun for me even though I was waiting tables, pouring drinks, serving food and generally doing good service. I think fun is infectious; it just rubs off on you. At the end one of the guests even booked us for an engagement party.

Today, as well as catering the birthday party, we also hired a machine out to a group of friends for a New Year party. They’d hired out the function room of a local pub. We lifted a machine into the van and drove off. It wasn’t too hard to find the pub. We wheeled the machine in and I checked that the machine was working properly - that’s something we always do here at hog roast hire Clitheroe - and showed the clients how to operate it. It’s actually very easy to operate – you sort of just turn it on. The clients’ hog roast was already in the room, so we helped them put it in the machine. It started turning. I wished them a great time, suggested they use applesauce on the roast, and we left to return here where the chefs were bust preparing another hog roast.

Hog roast catering is definitely a busy but fun and rewarding career.