Hog Roast Clapham

For expert hog roasting catering, or even expert hog roast hire Clapham equipment, you'll find that the Chef and Griddle name is revered for good reason. For hog roasting and catering there's been an explosion of interest since we started, many people who've never had a hog roast have been tempted by the rave reviews that surround our name, and who can blame them, even in writing nothing sounds as good as a succulent pig roasted over real flames, served with real stuffing, real apple sauce and proper home made fresh bread rolls!

Hog roasting is simple, and brilliant at the same time, which is why we're so regularly booked for informal events. When people want mouth watering food for an event without all of the fuss that comes with most catering options, they come instead to us because they know our simple and easy hog roast packages are just as good as anything out there. We have tons of great menus to choose from but the roasted pig in a roll and spit snack menus are two all time favourites, they're suited to all events and that's what makes them so popular.

Private Party Menus
Corporate Event Menus
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You can book us for any event you need hog roast Clapham catering for. It would take us too long to list all the events we can do, but you name it and we'll be able to create a catering package for it. Corporate, wedding and party catering are the 3 general catering types that we do. The catering for each is with its own character menus and the type of service differs too. Our catering is available for formal and informal events, and the service styled in such a way so as to reflect your unique event. The buffet menus and menus designed for seated event are the biggest menus we have, the menus from start to finish are tasty, but the menus don't start with a starter - canapes are up first, of which we have many tasty options, some new and some old.

It's no trouble for us to make a bespoke hog roast Clapham plan for your occassion. Skillfully crafting bespoke menus with your direction is something we can do for you, in fact we love creating custom packages and our chefs especially love the variation that comes from working with clients who want the bespoke roasting experience. Custom created menus can have as many courses and choices as you choose, for example, you could create a bespoke menu with 3 or 4 spit roast choices, which is excellent for the larger events where there's lots of guests.

Choose between all the classic spit roast whole meats and cuts, or just as easily use our machines to make a roast with a modern touch, such as exotically seasoned whole turkey and lamb or even a chicken kebab. There's an endless sea of possibilities once you've got a machine of ours on board to give your event a thorough boost. You can capture the same tantilizing flavours, give crowds of people the same sense of excitement if you were to hire a hog roast machine as if you would with hog roast catering made by a chef.

We promise that hog roasting is very easy, the thousands of customers who've used us for hog roast hire Clapham and have made their own succulent roasts should leave you in no mind as to how easy to get to grips with hog roasting is, or any spit roasting and tray roasting. The fact that we show you exactly how the machines work and give you tips on getting the best results when we deliver the machine to you certainly doesn't help. And speaking of the delivery of the hog roast machines, it doesn't cost a thing. We deliver ourselves, return ourselves, and even leave you with the free gift of a bottle of gas so you can start your hog roast cooking from the very moment we leave the machine with you. It's a winning hog roast plan not to be missed out on.

We pride ourselves on being one of if not the most approachable hog roast caterer in the country and nothing proves that more than our lovely office staff who work week in week out taking your queries and more importantly your quotes. Quotes don't cost a thing, you can have a quote for as many menus as you like and, as if that in itself wasn't enough, we strive to have a quote to you within 24 hours of receiving it.