Hog Roast Cirencester

You may have been to a party or a wedding where it was being served up, or maybe you were at a fair or market and saw it being roasted and fell in love with the smell. That’s right, hog roasts are quickly becoming the nation’s favourite party food! And now, hog roasts are coming to Cirencester. Hog Roast Cirencester is a company with years of experience in the catering business, and our speciality are our hog roasts. We serve the Cirencester area, and we’re always eager to satisfy a new customer, so if you’re planning an event, be it anything from a small private party (and we mean small, we, unlike most caterers, don’t demand you to have a minimum number of guests), to a wedding, anniversary, corporate event or charity fundraiser, we’re the catering company for you.

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But first, a bit more information about us. We like to think we have a few special factors that set us apart from other caterers; it’s not enough in today’s catering market to have simply one speciality – that’s why we didn’t stop at perfecting our hog roasts… we moved on, to roasting other meats, including lamb, turkey, chicken, and all your barbecue favourites. But we didn’t stop there, we came up with some excellent menus, full of excellent food designed to compliment our excellent roast meats – so now, we have a stunning ranger of canapés, starters, desserts and side dishes. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan and thought going to a Cirencester hog roast meant going hungry, fear no more! There is something substantial for everyone, and it’s all cooked by very experienced chefs, who know their stuff. What’s more, all of our ingredients are locally sourced, and carefully researched – knowing how our ingredients are farmed and reared is crucial for us, and we take great care to ensure we only use pigs and other ingredients which have been responsibly cultivated. But back to our menus; don’t let a menu put you off, they are just there to give you an idea of what your menu might look like – yes, your menu, because here at Hog Roast Cirencester we work closely with you the customer to make a menu that you are truly happy with. In other words, think hog roast Cirencester, think commitment to provide the very best range of food possible.

We’re known, too, for our dedication and attention to detail. Our staff will work at your event to ensure that the food side of things is absolutely taken care of, so you can focus on the important thing – enjoying yourself! That means, for instance, that we can cook indoors or out, that we come prepared with marquees to every outside event, that we can pre-cook or cook on site, and that we leave the site exactly how it was before we arrived.

If you think that we’d be perfect for you (I promise you, we are!), don’t hesitate to call or email us, so we can start planning your event right away.