Hog Roast Chislehurst

If you love hog roasting you'll love what we can offer, no ifs or buts about it. We are one of the few specialised hog roasters in Chislehurst, the point of difference between others and ourselves is that we're the most popular, why, because ours is a service of enormously elite quality. You won't find a hog roast caterer that can hold a candle to us because there isn't one to be found. Our spit roast chefs and services are regularly talked about as the best there is, if you book us your guests will be having the same conversation once they've sunk their teeth into our appetising roasted pig. Roasted meats, spit or tray roasted, gives the world tasty whole new meaning. Guests simply can't get enough of the roasted pigs and other spit roast options such as roasted whole chickens and roasted beef. Our catering causes heads to turn like nothing else, we're surprised health and safety haven't come down on us with all the neck strain that results from our hog roast chef being at your event. There's never a shortage of people looking over their shouldersers habitually towards the golden roasting pig, gearing themselves for the feast of a life team.

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For our hog roast Chislehurst catering we use our own machines. There's a great number of benefits to using company created machines, the main and most obvious one is that we get to design and create machines that work best with what we want to do. There's no greater example of that than the spit roast machine with an in-built grill area, something we added that's come in very handy with large menus, with it we can cook foods such as sausages and soups. As impressive is our large hog roast machine which is the most capable on the market, it's adequate in size to be able to cook exceptionally large pigs. In the past we've nearly broke the 100kg barrier using our machines, cooking for several hundred people. Important to the delicious hog roast Chislehurst foods we serve is the produce that we locate and buy for client events. We source the strongest produce out there, from black pigs and angus cattle for our spit roast options, to premium North Sea lobsters for the starter dish. We maintain truly high standards on our catering, which means having high standards when it comes to the location and farms we source our produce from. Having impeccable standards enables us to hire the best chefs out there, because they love their trade and for them there's nothing better than working with the finest ingredients on classic and creative dishes, something best provided by us.

It's expected that our hog roasts are scrumptious, but our service has been known to take people by surprise. People just don't expect such polished professionalism from specialist pig roasters, they have to read our menus twice over as it almost sounds too good to be true. Large pro waiting teams, drinks bars, even a front of house person can be provided for your event. When you book us you don't just buy a guarantee of a tasty hog roast, you buy the whole package, right down to ongoing support from your event chef who you can contact and discuss your plans with. The hog roast chefs create not only the finest spit roast cuisine, they also help to create lasting memories. You can skip the chef however and still create an event to go down in the memory books, because you can still have that delectable Chef and Griddle hog roast experience by hiring a machine for your event. Roasting your own pig with a hog roast machine is one way to spice up an occasion and have fun, the hire is ideal for those who prefer the hands-on approach and love to try their hand at new things. Some people enjoy hog roasting so much that they buy a machine. Our Hog roast hire Chislehurst machines have an awesome capability, the power and meat selections you can cook by using the attachable skewers is great.

Hog roast hire Chislehurst means that it's never been easier, not to mention more affordable, to have a hog roast than it is right in the here and now. We have a large stock of machines so that at any one time a great deal of machines are out on hire. To join the fun make a booking today. Or call us for a chat about any of our hog roast services.