Hog Roast Chesterfield

Chesterfield. With a busy and ever-growing population this colourful market town cherishes it’s traditional values. That’s not to suggest it’s stuck in the past, mind you – far from it. The locals are rightly proud of their open air market, one of the largest of it’s kind in Britain, but they are never afraid to try something new. Maybe that’s why we at chef and griddle find our hog roasts are very much to the local taste? Hog roast Chesterfield style! We’re certainly busy around these parts and we owe much to this interesting blend of the traditional (this style of cooking pre-dates the Middle Ages after all) and the new (all the latest equipment to get the very best out of the fabulous food we supply). After twenty years of providing bespoke dining experiences we’ve got the balance dead right. One thing is for sure – we have to be ready for just about anything on a day to day basis.

On Thursday we’ve got a surprise birthday party lined up for Aunty Mavis in Bolsover. The following afternoon we’re catering for a special corporate AGM out Newbold way. Saturday we’ve got a wedding reception at Shirebrook, the following Monday evening it’s a party for the staff of the Chesterfield Royal… and so it goes on. We’ve an army of happy customers in our wake and they’ll gleefully sing our praises but you know what? It’s your opinion we’re after. To put it simply, we’re on a mission – to provide the kind of hog roast Chesterfield can’t resist!

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With a range of menu options from which to choose we never cut corners when it comes to good food. Whether it’s a small family gathering, a marquee event or a huge party crowd it’s all under control thanks to our Event Planners and a dedicated team of professional chefs and service staff. Right from the word ‘go’ we work very closely with you to make sure everything is organised and the whole thing goes off without an hitch . It’s pretty fair to say that we pride ourselves on looking after the small details so you don’t have to. We’ll look after the logistics so all you have to do is relax and enjoy this amazing occasion with your special guests.

All our ingredients are organic and, whenever possible, sourced from the best local suppliers. This includes the magnificent hog you’ll have chosen for your centrepiece which will come from a specialist local farm. Under the direction of our chefs all the food is freshly prepared on the day (or night). Choose from our tangy speciality sauces (and the apple sauce is a real favourite), our freshly baked bread and near-legendary floured rolls, to a selection of superb succulent meats and potato and salad options. All this and the intoxicating aroma of a sensational hog slowly revolving over an open flame, turning to a crisp golden brown before being served at the perfect melt-in-the-mouth consistency… Oh and in case you have any vegetarian guests attending there’s no need to worry because we’ll happily set them up their very own veggie spit roast. No-one should miss out on such a unique dining experience… and our dedicated service staff will ensure plates don’t remain empty for long!

If, on the other hand, you’re feeling more adventurous; why not ask about our hog roast hire Chesterfield is full of people who have delighted in running their own hog or spit roast event. Simply tell us what you want and we’ll deliver all the machinery and utensils direct to your venue. With one of our highly trained chefs on hand throughout you’ll have all the expert help and advice you could need to make your roast a great success. After the event we’ll dispose of any waste and have the hardware collected and removed at your convenience.

From captivating canapés to crunchy crackling: it’s culinary magic!