Hog Roast Chessington

You may recall the name Chessington through its theme park fame, but there is plenty else to amuse all ages in this resplendent location. Rural areas aren’t known for blowing you away; rather they slowly convert as one acquaints themselves with all the charming constituents that comprise the whole. However, in an ironic way it is because of the theme park that more people are attracted here, only to be won over by that character which is present around every corner.

One of my fondest memories involves a Hog roast hire Chessington. Their local golf club is verily a sight for sore eyes; rolling greens almost reach the horizon where they are neatly contained by endless trees. We had previously been aware of their conservatory which they utilize for private hire and considered it a privilege that our services were required for that very same location. As I recall it was a Wednesday and the sun was giving us everything it had during late August. It wasn’t warm, but the generous sunlight took the edge off an otherwise chilly day. The visual effect of these rays was uncommonly pleasing as they produced various florescent patches.

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I got the feeling some of the gentleman knew me as they leered with enduring smiles, but it turned out that they were just regular hog roasters! It was a look of expectation which we reinforced with portraits of confidence. Maybe it had something to do with the overall splendour of the day, but rarely have we been so efficient, or appreciated for that matter. From the moment we unloaded the essentials to the time it came to picking up the last napkin, everything ran amazingly smooth. A triangle of meat was chosen in the form of pork, chicken and lamb. It’s the least popular option for visual reasons but these gentlemen chose the tray method for roasting the hog. Levels of interaction were high from the offset and I was only too happy to be included, for these fellows knew all about high quality grub.

Just when I was about to impart how our hogs are prepared a certain gentleman disclosed an almost identical formula. Admittedly there were a couple of features which left me cocksure that our pigs are the yummiest, but it wasn’t to be an afternoon of small talk. But after covering all bases, all that was left to complete the day was to gobsmack our experienced clientele. The lamb and chicken provided something of a runway towards the pig which was done in just under 5 hours. When every last scrap of it was jealously seized a pro golfer named Jeff spoke at length of how delicious it was. After a while I could only laugh as I was reminded of how I sometime waffle on.

During that hog roast hire Chessington I was reminded of the amount of food we served and that it is one of our great strengths because it simply wouldn’t be feasible for a restaurant to duplicate what we do. Many years ago I used to wait in a restaurant, but even when there were no speed bumps a selection of waiters simply can’t supply food at the rate a single carver can.

Something else we have over restaurants is that once food is cooked, that’s it. There is no need to wait for the preparation of further food. And secondly you can see exactly what we’re doing so there’s no need to worry about orders that didn’t make it to the kitchen. If you’re still not convinced consider that you’ll never have any booking problems with us whether it’s time or number of people you’re worried about. Another bonus of organising a hog roast Chessington is that the pressure is completely off the parents. Children who are often the main concern when going anywhere will be in the safest location – your house! You need not worry about stapling toddlers to high chairs in public places, hoping they’ll keep quiet. Nor will you have to muse over the menu unaware of the product.

You know what you’re getting with Chef & Griddle, and it’s our job to ensure that (at the very least) it meets those expectations. If you’re one of those types that question whether you have worked hard enough to deserve a treat, don’t be silly! The fact is everyone deserves a hog roast at some point in their lives. In the future it may be requisite to have staged one in order to obtain British citizenship.