Hog Roast Buxton

It’s the gateway to the Peak district and a celebrated spa town. It also has its own Opera House, but the most sinister sounding aspect of Buxton is the rather chillingly named Axe Edge Moor. What a wonderfully evocative name, but why was it named thus? Axe Edge Moor sounds like something out of a war story, but maybe it is one of the relics of the Romans’ stay in the town. It was the Romans who helped develop Buxton into the town that it is now and maybe it was they who first enjoyed the town’s spa benefits. Buxton is also pretty high up for a market town, in fact it is the highest in England. Being so high up will not affect the twenty odd thousand strong population from appreciating quality food and it is certain that they will be applauding the fact that hog roast Buxton events are back on the agenda, now that hog roast is enjoying a growth in popularity as a great quality special event food.

It could be busy times ahead for hog roast hire Buxton caterers now that hog roast is back in vogue. great food is always popular at special events, and when you combine that with great value and visual appeal, you almost have an unbeatable culinary combination. That would certainly summarise hog roast succinctly. Any hog roast Buxton style function deserves great food but the options have been somewhat limited over the years. Now that hog roast is here to stay, there really is no excuse to put up with second rate event food.

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A Buxton hog roast chef just has to be the first thing you write down when planning a Buxton event, but don’t go thinking that hog roast isn’t posh enough. Hog roast is a real all rounder when it comes to special events, and a lot of that is down to the professional work of the hog roast caterer. They can prepare hog roast for the most professional gourmet meal you have ever been served at a function or serve up the most scrumptious hog roast rolls that you and your guests will ever sink their teeth into. Totally delicious yet totally hog roast.

The delicious taste is no accident, because the hog roast chef really cares about producing the best possible meal, and that means using only the best possible meat. Every hog roast benefits from a quality from a top supplier. This is not bog standard meat: it is hog standard, and that means superb. Superb meat takes time to show off its star qualities and that means slow cooking. Really slow, in fact six hours slow, but this really gives the meat time to divulge its great flavours and make it a true delight for all your Buxton diners. Any top chef will tell you about the importance of slow roasting and hog roast benefits more than most. The aromas produced will be incredible.

All this roasting takes place aboard the eyecatching piece of equipment that is the hog roast chef’s secret weapon: the hog roasting machine. This helps cook the whole pig to absolute perfection, but it also acts as a bit of a stage for the hog roast chef to show off his cooking performance. Your guests will be fascinated and really appreciate the live, fresh cooking.

Talking of your guests, you may want to get those spare invites out because you are going to have enough food for one hundred guests! Hog roast is not only a taste sensation but it likes to share the pleasure as widely as possible. And if you can’t invite a hundred people, at least they can all enjoy seconds.

Hog roast really does make the difference as the food for a special occasion because it really ‘is’ special. Quality meat, freshly cooked, slow roasted...what more can you ask for to make a Buxton occasion the best?