Hog Roast Buntingford

The small market town of Buntingford owes a fair amount of its growth to its convenient location. Growing as a staging post in the 18th century and sprouting many coaching inns, though it would become the smallest town in the county it is full of life and full of some gorgeous Georgian structures and buildings from the mediaeval era. As with many towns with a traditional weekly market, all sorts of local produce is sold and appreciated. We as caterers know the importance of sourcing local fresh food, and when we cater for your event here we deliver only the best.

Nothing brings some real spark and theatre to an event like a full roast hog, turning gently on a spit and cooking to utter perfection. It is no wonder that we are increasingly receiving requests to cater at places such as this small town when we deliver such fantastic food at highly competitive prices. We cater for events big and small; weddings, christenings, family gatherings, private parties – anything you can think of! Chef and Griddle is your stop for hog roast Buntingford catering options.

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When you chose us for hog roast hire Buntingford, you can chose from a variety of our catering options. If you are looking for delicious food at a large event, we can provide an appropriately-sized hog and machine, with hog roasting chef to carve off perfect cuts of meat. We also provide full menus which you can see on this site, all of which are subject to your preferences. We can provide some delicious food for vegetarians too. If you want waiting staff, we can provide them! We can cover all bases and leave you to enjoy your event to the full with some excellent food.

If your hog roast Buntingford event is on the smaller side, why not hire one of our machines and a specially trained chef? One of our more popular catering options is also one of the most simple. Perfectly cooked roast hog in a floury white bun, with a healthy dollop of apple sauce. This option is perfect for smaller events such as post-match snacks and corporate lunches, but also fantastic for those fairs and sales held outside. We find there is not much else better to warm up chilly winter afternoons that warm rolls and crackling pork, and the delicious taste really complements a hot summers day too. They are always a real hit at parties where a buffet table is set up too – whether by us or the guests – and of course the sight of the hog itself adds some fantastic theatre to the mood of the party! We are confident in the popularity of our ‘hog in a roll’ and are sure you will be too!

Your hog can take six hours to roast fully, which is why we are often arrive early to start the cooking from fresh. We usually take this time to start preparing any other requested catering options, such as vegetarian alternatives, salads and desserts. After the hog has been glazed and mounted, the machine can take most of the job over letting us concentrate on other things. The time is essential to ensure the hog is fully cooked through, and the slow roasting ensures the delicious crackling and soft, succulent centre. If you are pressed for time, or cannot book a venue before your event opens its doors, don’t panic! We can easily pre-roast your hog immediately before the event and bring it along with us to warm through thoroughly on the roasting machine at the location. You can be assured of high quality and high standards of hygiene; all our staff are trained specially in workplace hygiene and know exactly how to cook a perfect roast.

Hog roasts are an excellent thing to have on those warm summer nights in Buntingford, when the air is still and the delicious scent of whole roasted hog wafts across the grass. Hog roasting also suits cold winter nights, warming up guests with the delicious taste of warm pork with apple sauce in a bun. In short; a hog roast suits any occasion and we are proud to deliver what you want regarding catering, exactly how you want it.

If you want to hire one of our hog roasting machines for yourself, we can deliver it to you and take it away once you are finished. Whether you’re new to hog roasting or a bit of a pro, our machines are easy to use and powered by gas, so no need to trip over extension cables. We make hog roast hire Buntingford easy.

So contact us today by phone or email; we are more than happy to help out, and make your event a real success!