Hog Roast Bromsgrove

Ever wish you could transport yourself centuries back in time to the days when sorting yourself out with a good meal meant going out and hunting for it yourself rather than popping out in the car to the local supermarket or corner convenience store? Do you long for those heady days when the cooking preparation time was not measured in mere minutes but hours? No, neither do I, but this was very much the case for our ancient ancestors, when you really did have to work for your meals.

Some would say that things are, in principle, just the same. It’s just that the big supermarkets do all the hunting (or farming) for us. And we still have to work for our meals, just in offices or factories! Farming is nothing new though. Anglo-Saxon Bromsgrove was something of a woodland based economy and pig farming was one aspect of this. Farming pigs would certainly have made access to good pork a lot easier for the residents. Maybe, just maybe Bromsgrove was one of the first places in Worcestershire - or indeed the UK – to sample the delights of hog roast. Was hog roast Bromsgrove born? I wonder.

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Another thing to wonder about is why hog roast is beginning to enjoy a second wave of popularity as a great special occasion food at anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate events, garden parties and even wedding receptions. Hog roast hire Bromsgrove chefs have been getting busier and busier in recent years, so it must be that hog roast, after years in the Worcestershire wilderness, is coming home to a new found appreciation. Rightly so, too, because hog roast really is a quite amazing feast, and to see it off the special occasion radar for so long has been a travesty, especially when you consider the alternatives that have been masquerading as ‘special event meals’.

Hog roast Bromsgrove style functions are a perfect example of what can be truly special about a Bromsgrove event. If you were to put together a list of the things you’d expect from a special occasion meal, it would probably include such things as freshly prepared food, visual appeal, quality ingredients, versatility in serving and, of course, great taste. Not many meals could possibly tick all the boxes on that that demanding list but one that can is hog roast. The Bromsgrove hog roast chef is ready for your call and will help you tick off each and every one.

Freshly prepared? Of course. The hog roast chef will delight your Bromsgrove diners by cooking the hog roast at the venue for all to see. It will have been prestarted though, as the full cooking takes six hours! This is proper cooking don’t forget. And as for the ingredients, well only the best, of course. A quality whole pig from a quality supplier will ensure prime pork perfection.

Formal or informal event? It’s not a problem for hog roast chefs. If your event is more of a fun style, carefree get together where laughing and dancing are the top priority then hog roast can be served on rolls for a delicious easy to eat yet delicious meal. For a more formal occasion such as a corporate function or that long awaited reception, hog roast can be carved beautifully for a smart plate of gourmet quality food. Hog roast is an event all rounder like no other.

Did I mention great value? Possibly not, but hog roast delivers on that count, too. It may be something of a surprise to think of this once regal meal as bit of a bargain, but a Bromsgrove hog roast does feed around one hundred people. That really is some going. And as for the taste, well your Bromsgrove event will not be left wanting. If you desire great flavour, juicy succulent meat and a sea of smiling faces, hog roast has to be your first choice for a great event.