Hog Roast Bolsover

With little over 11,000 residents Bolsover is a small town, but one that leaves a lasting impression for visitors. With houses nestled in the luscious green scenery, and Bolsover Castle overlooking, it's the stuff postcards are made of and has been the setting for many an artist to paint a picture. We're never short of inspiration when working here.

Nobody is quite sure where Bolsover gets its name, it's thought that it could derive from the Old English term for Bull's Ridge. Bolsover also makes an appearance in the Domesday Book, when the town was known as Belesovre.

The castle is what Bolsover is best known for and that was constructed in 1613, which is quite a bit longer than we've been here, but not quite as long as hog roasting has been around. Other well known attractions to the area is the model village and Creswell Crags, which houses Britains only palaeolithic cave art - not surprisingly, Creswell Crags manages to pre-date hog roast catering by a little while!

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With the short history lesson out of the way we'd like to fastforward and tell you about one of the towns current reputed attractions: Chefandgriddle hog roast Bolsover catering, and hog roast hire Bolsover.

The hog roast jobs we do are always changing, there's never been a drought of unique menus for our hog roast chefs to cater from. There's two reasons for that, the main one is that we have menu after menu for all variety of occasions - corporate events, wedding events and party event catering - and that means that each job is different to the last, if not with the menu then with the people we're catering for and the venue the chefs are working in. The second is that we also do custom menus, completely bespoke creations for our clients. Bespoke menus are one of the tricks we have up our sleeve.

But in all but a few cases the bespoke menu isn't necessary, seeing as most clients find a menu off our menu page which they love 100%. Don't believe us? Have a look yourself and you'll see why that's so. We have a careful curve of menus which increase package after package with even more scrumptious food, even more fabulous services.

The hog roast Bolsover services we can provide for you are without the normal limitations that caterers are bound by. The scale of an event has no impact on our standards. You get high quality flavour-dense hog roasts from our company be your event one for just a couple of individuals or for many thousands. The quality of our hog roasts aren't effected by our environment, either, the same delicious foods are made by us whether in a venue which is indoors or out.

For those looking to get in on the action for themselves there's always HOG ROAST HIRE. It might sound daunting at first if you've never cooked with a spit roast machine, but when you hear how easy it is and read testimonials from others you'll find out just how uncomplicated it is. Hog roasting is a walk in the park, that's truer than ever with a machine hired from us as unlike other machines we created our own and made them with client hire in mind. The machines can be utilised to their full potential by beginner or expert, it's just a matter of preparing and skewering your pig - although it doesn't have to be a pig, you're welcome with the adjustable attachments to spit roast what you like - and firing up the heat. Gas powers the HOG ROAST HIRE machines and you'll be delivered an already set-up bottle with the spit or tray roasting machine.

For hiring our day time hog roast hire Bolsover delivery always arrives on the dot, one of our team will drive to you in our van and deliver the machine in personal, at which point we'll quickly show your the machine and how it works and before departing you can have an instructional CD in case you think you'll forget any of the easy hog roasting steps. With full safety assurance after passing rigorous health and safety compliance tests, and a completely unbelievable ability to create rich in flavour and texture spit roasts, the machines on offer here are individual in their awesome quality. You won't be disappointed whether you're hiring or booking the catering option, feel free to request some quotes after having a look around - they don't cost anything.