Hog Roast Bodmin

Everybody loves a mystery. Maybe it’s a particularly British thing, what with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie etc... it would seem to be in our blood. And of course, the more bizarre the mystery the better it becomes. Of course, not all great mysteries are those that that have been committed to print. What about those mysteries that have built up over the years that have become part of the British way of life? The Loch Ness Monster is one perfect example. Is there really a Nessie or is it all just a myth? The stories of some dinosaur like water dwelling monster make for great stories and the tourists no doubt love it all (as do the shops who sell the Nessie merchandise) but is it real? Scientists have done a fair bit of extensive and expensive investigation over the years but there is no sign of Nessie just yet. I hope Nessie is real and I’m sure millions more do, too.

Another great mystery is the Beast of Bodmin Moor. This is the large wild cat like creature that is believed by many top prowl the terrain on Bodmin Moor. Some think it could be some leopard like wildcat while others have far more fanciful ideas as to the creature’s origins. Again, no-one has proved or disproved the mystery of the Beast of Bodmin Moor, but one day...who knows.

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There is another mystery that not only relates to Bodmin but to the UK as a whole and that is the mystery of hog roast. Mystery? Well, yes, hog roast was once the crown prince of feasts but it seemed to disappear, relegated to the odd outdoor event or ceremony. How could this happen to such a fine food? Where did the hog roast Bodmin factor go to? I guess we will never know, but it would seem that hog roast is back with a vengeance.

The days of the hog roast Bodmin event are definitely back with us, and quite right too. It would seem that a whole new generation has taken a long look at the old options available in the catering world for special occasions and, well, they were not impressed. That is why they have turned to a pretty old favourite in the shape of the reliable hog roast.

It’s good news for hog roast hire Bodmin and it’s very good news for the people of Bodmin, because hog roast really is a quite splendid option for any special occasion. There are so many reasons why hog roast is perfect for these events, but here are just a few.

Numbers. Hog roast is a big deal when it comes to feeding a crowd. A single hog roast can feed a small army of diners. Okay, maybe not a small army but certainly a decent patrol of around one hundred. That is not too bad at all and means you can get out your Bodmin address book and invite a few more people than you previously thought you could afford. All that meat from one whole pig: incredible. That whole pig isn’t just any old pig either. Hog roast chef’s are very particular about the meat they use, so you won’t be at all surprised to learn that the whole pig’s used in a hog roast are top quality and come only from a respectable source. Great quality meat guarantees great taste, so hog roast ticks that box, no mistake.

Then there’s the cooking. Hold on, what can possibly be impressive about the cooking, you may ask. Well, you simply have to be there to see it, though maybe not all the cooking, for it takes six hours to cook the average hog roast. Why so long? Well, you need to slowly roast the best joints of meat to get the very best taste and that’s what the hog roast chef does with hog roast. It may seem excessive, but just wait until you taste the incredible results at your Bodmin event!