Hog Roast Bingley

A hog roast Bingley event represents a fantastic way of giving your guests a little taste of Medieval Britain but in a truly twenty first style and certainly in a manner which befits a market town like Bingley.

If you are a hog roast virgin then you simply don’t know what you are missing and there are some things you really should know about this feast. A hog roast Bingley is going to be a taste of pure meat heaven for you. Yes, it is on the face of it just another roasted meat but only when you dig a little deeper do you realise just what a special meat hog roast really is. In fact you can probably tell that hog roast is something rather special when you first take a look at it as it cooks away on the hog roast machine. Hog roast in full cooking action really is a sight to behold. It is one of those foods that really does take you back in time to the days when a hog roast was cooked over a roaring fire in a castle or huge mansion. The hog roasting machine is our invention and helps the cooking proves tick over nicely but in a more health and safety conscious manner! That said you hog roast hire Bingley cater can still conjure up the same flavours for you and the same amazingly crispy crackling that hog roast is so famous for.

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And of course, let’s not forget that hog roast is a big, big food. You do not see people returning from their supermarket with a full pig very often and this is one of the many reasons why a hog roast hire Bingley chef is the person you need to make things happen at your event. The chef knows exactly what is required meat wise when it comes to cooking your hog roast and it is here that their real expertise shows. Choosing the meat is probably the most important part of the whole process and the chef will always choose with great care. You cannot simply choose any old pig for a hog roast, you need to choose a top quality pig that has been reared locally not far from Bingley. And if you want great flavour and great crackling then the amount of fat on the pig has to be just right. Only when all these elements are in place do you have yourself a hog roastable pig!

Big meals are a big deal when it comes to the actual cooking, and this is where a bit more cooking know how comes in to play. Ask any top chef about cooking the ultimate joint of meat and you will probably get the same answer time and again; slow roasting. It seems that most meats benefit from the extra time that the slow roasting process allows when cooking meat. Hog roasting is no different and really benefits extraordinarily well from slow roasting. The meat becomes more tender and more succulent, resulting in amazing flavours and superb texture. And of course, if crispy crackling is high on your list then you won’t be disappointed. Hog roast crackling is some of the best you are ever likely to enjoy.

Hog roast is not simply a taste success, it is a remarkably economical option when it comes to event catering in Bingley. Now, I am certainly not saying that hog roast is the cheapest catering you’ll find but you may be surprised at just what you are getting for your money. Think about it like this. You are getting a trust cooking professional who is going to source your meat especially for you (and quality meat at that). You are also getting that same person to cook that pig for you over six long hours and they are going to serve you the resulting meat and accompaniments. But there’s more! A typical hog roast is big on servings, too, with your average pig capable of providing meat for over a hundred guests. That means a lot more people can attend your Bingley event than you thought you could afford. Not bad. That should mean a few more smiling, happy faces at your ‘do’.

So there you have it, a Bingley catering option that really does sound almost too good to be true, yet it really is that good. When it comes to value, quality and making a great impression, you will find a Bingley hog roast almost impossible to better.