Hog Roast Bagshot

Though it may house little over 5,000 people Bagshot is a town full of history, surprising variety and passion. In reference to that variety they have two football clubs, a cricket club, a tennis club, a gymnastics club, a Royal Air Force Association, a metal detecting club and five, yes five churches. They split into the following creeds: Church of England, Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Methodist and Jehovah’s Witness. If that’s not accommodating towards peoples beliefs then I don’t know what is!

Whatever may be your particular belief, it is our dogmatic decree that you’ll love our hog roast Bagshot! It’s a journey of affection that goes as far back as any religious text. Eating pork is part of what aided humanity in its struggle to survive, and what a tribute it is that what we used to savour as civilization took shape is now equally cherished. At Chef & Griddle a pig is not merely a bloated creature awaiting slaughter but a nurtured delicacy. Integral to the great flavour of the pork comes down to the fact that our hogs enjoy a high quality of life before they’re rotating on the spit.

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Of course the main idea behind our enterprise is to fuel occasions for celebration, but I truly believe that hog roasts are not just for family get-togethers but family renewals. I’m sure everyone can appreciate that it’s not always sunshine and daisies living with your siblings, but a great remedy would be to organise a hog roast hire Bagshot, complements of Chef & Griddle. If laughter is the best medicine then food must be a close second! A full tummy not only stifles those cranky types but great food can actually lift your spirits. The communion that is contained in sharing food is one the most basic and effective means to resolve quarrels. Perhaps there should be a hog roast caterer on every chat show! Making an impact on the salad market is never easy, but our cherry tomato and beef salad certainly inspires confidence. It is a wonderful marriage between meat and greenery. That may sound rather basic, but when you consider that we utilise only the freshest ingredients you’ve got a pleasing dish. However, for us, these fresh essentials only provide the foundation.

The great subtle flavour of Buffalo mozzarella will work its way into the mix, but when the time comes to coat everything in our specially made basil dressing, don’t be surprised if you catch a salad critic wetting their lips. The hidden power of many foods is often unleashed when an unsuspecting spice or sauce joins the party; cranberries and turkey, mint sauce and lamb, lemon juice and salmon, but when it comes to pork it has always been apple sauce.

The idea of mixing fruit with meat can sound little funky, but apple sauce firmly adheres to the rule that if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. It’s sweet and viscous nature is a faultless accompaniment to juicy strips of pork. In a sandwich or heaped on a plate, there really isn’t much else needed, and as guests sample their first mouthfuls you can see the satisfaction. It’s almost a triumphant expression.

Mint sauce is optional for our lamb which is dressed with rosemary. Some more strongly associate this herb with chicken, but if our product doesn’t prompt at least the slightest “MMMM!” then we are open to suggestions.

The size of a hog (especially if they’re real porkers!) is often responsible for stealing the show, but a less striking, though no less impressive feature, is the fluidity with which our machines allow us to work. For those big gatherings a few machines will be required, and when they’re dealing with kilograms upon kilograms of chicken, lamb and beef you would have to be quite the cynic to pass it off as unimpressive. When it’s time to serve the good stuff we’ll strip our spit in short time, loading plates to your preference.

A glorified barbecue we are not!

A hog roast hire Bagshot allows for two positive things; it gives you the chance to sample some of the best food you will ever eat and it gives us another opportunity to prove that what we preach is the something akin to the word of God.

Unsure as to what you could do for your kid’s birthday? Not decided on how you should celebrate after your sister wedding? Deliberating on how you should catch-up with old friends?

Chef & Griddle is your sizzling remedy!