Hog Roast Antrim

There is something about a castle and rugged countryside that can transform you back in time. Back to the surroundings of some Bronte-esque novel or to some mythical Hogwarts like world where magic is just around the corner. Parts of Antrim can have that effect on you. In fact one of the best preserved medieval castles is right here in Antrim, along with the remains of many other ancient castles.

Close your eyes and you can imagine yourself deep in the heart of the castles, by the huge roaring fire. And what about a huge hog roast cooking away for a huge banquet? Now that would be grand. Quite appropriate, too, as medieval times saw the birth of the hog roast as we know it. And you never know, hog roast may well have started right here in Antrim...or maybe we should call it hog roast Antrim?

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There are certainly lots of people in and around the county of Antrim and that means plenty of opportunities to enjoy a glorious hog roast. Six hundred thousand people is definitely plenty, for what is the most populated county in Northern Ireland. There are surely a lot of hog roast Antrim fanatics. Maybe some of their ancestors enjoyed a hog roast in Antrim, just like they do now?

So what is the appeal of this medieval feast? To people who have not yet been present at an Antrim hog roast, they have quite obviously never had the chance to inhale the incredible aromas that emanate from a hog roast, for that alone is enough to get most people’s juices flowing. So, if you are one of the few people yet to be tempted by hog roast Antrim’s charms, and need some convincing as to its potential catering benefits, let me try and tempt you further.

Let’s get the economics out of the way first of all, shall we? These are tough times in Antrim, as we all know. Hog roast does taste expensive, it has to be said...and with the hog roast caterer in attendance, you may think that this would be a step too far for a stretched catering budget. Well, you are wrong as an Antrim hog roast can often work out a lot cheaper than you imagine. You also need to factor in the numbers, as your typical Antrim hog roast can feed about one hundred people! Incredible, all from one hog roast. Now, if you have a lot of friends in Antrim, that could be a big deal, and can definitely mean that a few extra old friends can be added to your list. That should keep them happy!

Okay, so it’s affordable but what does this Antrim hog roast taste like? Probably the best people to recommend the taste will be friends who have enjoyed hog roast before, probably with a pint or two of the black stuff and you will no doubt get a glowing report on the delicious, succulent hog roast flavours. Don’t wait any longer, just book that hog roast for your Antrim event today.