Hog Roast Amesbury

Mention the name Amesbury to many people and they will seem blissfully unaware of the importance of the Wiltshire town. It’s not a place that goes out of its way to be well known but history has made this parish of nine thousand people one of the most famous locations not just in the United Kingdom but in the world. The reason for this fame is of course the arrangement of some very old monuments universally known as Stonehenge. Forever the subject of study and speculation, research suggests that Stonehenge could date back as far as 3000 BC. Stonehenge will continue to inspire and intrigue researchers for generations to come.

The importance of Stonehenge is not in question, but it’s quite amazing how we constantly look to our past despite living in an age of such incredible technological advances. We are even taking inspiration from old cooking traditions to replace some our more modern yet less than inspiring dishes! Hog roast is one such feast that has risen from its slumbers to cater for a whole new generation of diners. Interest in hog roast Amesbury events are now on the increase, as are hog roast events throughout the United Kingdom. When you look into why, it makes perfect sense.

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A hog roast hire Amesbury chef knows what makes a good special occasion meal...and what doesn’t. They will have been at many such occasions in the past when the same old sorry excuses for catering have been wheeled out. You know the sort, dry sandwiches, lukewarm pizza, sausage rolls, chicken drumsticks, flavourless salads and so on. Hardly special and definitely not inspired. It was surely only a matter of time before the more forward thinking and adventurous diners decided to raid history for better catering solutions. Luckily, hog roast was one such discovery. A feast that was once fit for Medieval royalty was now going to feed a whole new world. The hog roast hire Amesbury chef was about to become very busy indeed.

So what is it that makes a hog roast Amesbury event such a big success? It’s quite simple really; taste. Hog roast is a quite incredible tasting food, yet it’s quite difficult to put into words. Describing amazing and intense roasted pork flavours that melt in the mouth is not easy, in fact it is something that you simply have to sample for yourself. But another way to consider the benefits of hog roast is to ask yourself would you like a meal that has had hours of dedication put into it with quality ingredients and fresh cooking, or would you prefer something pre frozen and mass produced? Of course, you would much prefer the former, and so would your guests! But isn’t this all a bit extravagant and expensive? What with fresh cooking, hours of cooking and a chef thrown in to boot, surely this is going to be the most expensive catering ever?

No, you are in for a very pleasant surprise with hog roast. No one is claiming that an Amesbury hog roast is the cheapest catering solution you will find but we truly believe that you will not get this level of taste, flavour and quality cooking at such great value.

Where else will you find a caterer who will pick out a quality whole pig from a top local supplier? A pig that the caterer knows will be just right for your big event? And where else could you find a caterer who was not just prepared to cook and serve your meal at the event but spend a total of six long hours slowly roasting the meat to ensure it tastes absolutely magical? And where else will you find a catering solution that, from a single piece of meat, can feed over one hundred people?

There is also the fact that hog roast is one of the most versatile catering solutions out there. Supposing you are organising an Amesbury charity event or special corporate occasion. You would ideally want the catering for this to be formal in style, and that is no problem for hog roast chefs. Hog roast, when carved professionally and plated up with crackling, sauce and vegetables, makes for a quite stunning gourmet hog roast meal that looks like a five star meal. But if you are after something a little more fun and fancy free, hog roast rolls are an unbeatable and very tasty informal alternative that everyone will love. Take a lesson from history and make your Amesbury event a hog roast event.