Hog Roast Alresford

So, what do you know about the village Alresford in Hampshire? Well, it may be a small village with a population of just six hundred but you should really get to know this place as it really is a rather nice village. It may be quiet but even small villages like Alresford like to have a bit of a ‘do’ now and again and one thing that is guaranteed to go down like a storm at a local village event is great food. Welcome to hog roast Alresford!

Hog roast Alresford. Yes, you heard that right and no, it is not an official new title for the village but one that would be entirely appropriate given the popularity of hog roast in the area. You see, like the rest of the UK, Alresford has been bitten by the hog roast bug and it is now one of the catering options of choice in these parts when organising an event.

Hog roast may be a throwback to Medieval days and certainly might not sound a very modern catering solution but it is the go to option for special Alresford events where great catering and great taste is top priority. The hog roast hire Alresford chef is proving to be a popular person indeed as hog roast’s popularity goes through the roof!

The back to basics approach of the hog roast hire Alresford caterer may sound simplistic but it certainly does not make their job an easy one. Hog roast signals a return to great tasting, freshly cooked wholesome food, and Alresford folk may be interested to learn just what goes in to make this catering solution a real feast.

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Hog roast caterers use only the best quality meat. The TV chefs are spot on when they say great meat makes a top dish and the hog roast chef thinks no differently. Choosing the perfect pig is essential and that’s why the chef only ever chooses pigs from a recognised supplier of good, local and well reared pork. But the work for the chef has only just started. After all, getting great quality meat means that the cooking needs to treat that meat with the respect it deserves. This is why hog roasting is something of a fine cooking art. It takes time to cook a whole pig, as you’d expect. A whole pig is a truly big unit of meat and it takes considerable time to make sure that it is cooked to perfection for all your Alresford guests. In fact you may be quite shocked to learn that it takes six long hours for an Alresford hog roast to cook completely. There are some good reasons for this though. Cooked too quickly, the essential juices in the meat are simply not released and that is an important part of the whole process. Slow roasting over six hours allows this to happen and helps generate not only the fantastic aromas that you get when cooking hog roast but also the incredibly tender, succulent and stunning tasting meat.

How you eat your hog roast is a matter for you to discuss with your Alresford hog roast chef, but at least you do have a few options, such is the versatility of this great meal. Consider carefully the sort of event that you are planning. It may be that you are helping planning a wedding reception and a posh one at that. On the face of it, you may think that a hog roast would be anything but suitable for the wedding breakfast, but it’s time to think outside the box! Hog roast is becoming a very popular choice for weddings as it can really smarten up as a quite exquisite gourmet meal. Beautifully carved meat, crackling, vegetables and potatoes make for a wonderful wedding meal and one that looks like a top restaurant served it. Then again, maybe your event is something a little less formal. It might be a big birthday, a family get together or an action packed charity fundraiser, indoors or out. If so, hot hog roast rolls are quite simply the perfect solution. Amazingly tasty, the addition of sauce and crackling makes for one incredible hand held meal that everyone will adore.

Nearly forgot to tell you one extra amazing Alresford hog roast fact; a standard pig can serve up over one hundred guests with great tasting meat. Just think of how many people you can invite to enjoy all that? Great food, great fun and all for less than you thought possible! Make it an Alresford hog roast evening!