Wonderful scenery

Friday evening and it was bed early as a busy day lay ahead a wedding we has been looking forward to for some time and we had a fair few miles of travelling to do so an early night was in order, we were up early the next day and the van all packed before 5am an early start but a long day ahead. We drove for two hours and we felt like it was midday not still early morning! The venue was spectacular a manor with wonderful scenery and we were the only ones there apart from the caretaker who let us in. We quickly set about cooking the food, pig, lamb and chicken with fresh vegetables and salads with some wonderful freshly made dips a tall order catering for five hundred but we had everything in hand. Hog Roast Hire were amazed at the beautiful tables all beautifully laid in crisp white and peach all we had to do now was await the bridal party and by time the meat was just about cooked they all arrived. Succulent pork, lamb and chicken were carved and placed onto the serving dishes we placed the meats on the tables along with the baby boiled new potatoes, spring cabbage, peas, carrots and broccoli pots of dips and salads were also dotted about for some guests who had requested salad with the meats. The bride and groom came straight over to us and thanked us which we thought really sweet and we had a good bit chat with them both a charming young couple with the world at their feet. After the meal we cleared away and were asked to have a glass of champagne and a slice of wedding cake, how could we refuse! I must say the cake was wonderful and the champagne wasn’t bad either a lovely day and we felt so pleased it had all went to plan and so relieved the day stayed nice as a lot of the guests retired to the out doors which looked like picture post cards amazing.

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